Canceling a contract with a home security company is often a hassle, but there are options for companies that can make things easier. Some companies operate differently than others, and when they are more open and not as strict with their contracts than those contracts can be less difficult to cancel. That’s important to remember, because new players like SimpliSafe generally fall into those categories. They understand that people don’t like serious contracts and they don’t want to be locked in for years, so they choose to make it easier for customers in the hope that those people who are dissatisfied with the traditional way of doing things will come to them instead.


There Are Requirements To Cancel a Contract

Like any home security provider, there are requirements to follow in order to get a contract canceled — and those requirements are very important. If they aren’t followed the right way, the contract may not be canceled. That can lead to a customer being required to keep paying a monthly service fee, which is very frustrating if that customer didn’t expect the service fee to continue.

The best way to cancel a SimpliSafe contract is to call the company directly, because it allows for a quicker, easier cancellation.

It also lets the homeowner talk directly with a representative, so they can focus on finding out the specifics for contract cancellation. Then they can follow the requirements and have some peace of mind that the contract will be canceled the right way and when they asked that it be.

Don’t Forget To Follow Up Afterward

Homeowners should follow up after a cancellation, because sometimes things get overlooked. Being sure that the contract is actually canceled can be a good way to feel more comfortable. Even though a company should cancel a contract when asked, that’s not always the case — and a lot of monitored home security services have complaints about this issue. SimpliSafe is one of the companies that is much better about this issue than some, but it’s still wise for a homeowner who has canceled to verify that cancellation with a follow up.


Choosing a New Company After Contract Cancellation

When a homeowner moves to a new company, they look for quality, reliability, and other value points. In general, the customer looking for a new home security provider should consider:

  • ease of installation
  • good customer service
  • fast response times
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • reliable protection
  • good quality equipment

That shouldn’t be too much to ask for, but there are some companies that struggle to provide a quality experience for their customers. Rather than choose these companies, a little bit of research will help lead a homeowner to a company that’s going to be right for them and that will meet their needs for monitored home protection. Working with a company like that provides true peace of mind, and a comfortable feeling of security.

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