Canceling a monitored security contract doesn’t have to be complicated, but unfortunately many alarm and security companies make it difficult to get out of a contract that a homeowner no longer wants. There may also be fees to contend with, especially if the contract isn’t set to expire or renew soon  — and auto-renewal options can make trying to cancel a contract more difficult than it needs to be. Reading the fine print helps before signing any contract, but no matter whether that was done or not, homeowners will need to be sure they follow proper steps to get out of a contract for security services. Here’s how to cancel with Sonitrol.


Canceling Has To Be Done the Right Way

Like most security companies, Sonitrol has a specific way that a service contract needs to be canceled. If a homeowner doesn’t follow the procedure, they may find that they’re still being charged for services they no longer want. However, also like most security companies, they don’t put this information where people can easily find it. That means people who want to cancel their Sonitrol contract will need to call or email until they get an answer about how to cancel their service. Then they’ll have to follow any requirements they are given during their phone call.

Be Sure To Keep Track of the Date

Keeping track of the date of the contract matters for several reasons, including:

  • Understanding the length of the contract and its true end date
  • Canceling during a specific period where there is no fee
  • Avoiding an auto-renew scenario
  • Making sure records match what the company shows

Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t keep track of the date of their actual contract. They have a vague idea but they may not be sure of the date they signed up. That can lead to problems with companies like Sonitrol, as that company offers an opportunity to cancel the contract without penalty within the first six months. At six months and one day, that option is no longer available. Homeowners who aren’t keeping close track of the date they signed their contract may miss their window, and that could stop them from paying large fees if they decide that they don’t want to continue to keep the service.


Selecting a New Security Company

Choosing another security company after canceling a Sonitrol contract may seem stressful, too. After all, a homeowner doesn’t want to get locked into another contract with a company they aren’t comfortable with. But there are great options for quality security companies.

Every homeowner deserves good protection from a trusted company that puts the customer and their needs first.

When a company understands the importance of peace of mind, it’s able to give customers what they want and need, instead of simply focusing on profits or other areas of their business. Homeowners will stay with those kinds of companies, because they feel valued and receive the services they need.

For homeowners interested in monitored home security, getting a free quote from Protect America can help them protect their home and family with reliable service for a fair price.