With a company like Supreme Security Systems, it’s important to remember that there is a contract that has to be signed in order to have monitoring. This contract locks a homeowner in for years, and if that homeowner wants to get out it’s very expensive — but that’s not really the fault of the company. It’s more the fault of the industry, where it’s normal and expected to have these kinds of contracts and a difficult procedure for canceling them. It can be a big source of frustration for homeowners, because they generally want to be able to cancel the contract if they need to. Some fees for doing that are expected, but in some cases the fees and difficult can be much more than is really necessary for anyone to have to deal with. Following the right procedures can help the cancellation be less stressful, overall.


Be Sure To Pay Close Attention To Procedures

The best way to reduce the chances of having a problem canceling a Supreme Security Systems contract is to follow the proper procedure for doing so. That way the company can’t argue that things weren’t handled correctly, and that can mean a faster and easier cancellation that is less difficult than anticipated. Fortunately, there’s a way to do that. It begins by calling the company.

When a customer calls the company directly, they can ask about the specific procedures offered for cancellation and then make sure they follow them to expedite the process.

That’s a great way to ensure that the contract is canceled as easily as possible, but there will still be charges and fees that are associated with the cancellation of the contract. Those have to be taken into consideration, or they can come as a surprise to the homeowner.

Following Up Can Make All the Difference

One of the best ways to be sure the contract actually gets canceled is to follow up with the company. That way there’s far less chance that something will fall through the cracks. As the company processes the cancellation, a follow up is a good idea to be sure that there isn’t something the homeowner forgot to do, or another issue that might delay the contract being properly canceled. Then it may be time to find another alarm company.


Is It Time To Choose a New Company?

Choosing a new company also comes with some risks, because it’s another opportunity for a contract. But when handled correctly it’s far less of an issue. The homeowner should look for:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • ease of installation
  • fast response times
  • reliable protection
  • high quality equipment
  • good value
  • strong customer service

While it may seem like a long list, it’s really not a lot to ask of a company that’s monitoring a person’s home and protecting them, their family, and their belongings. Making sure they’re getting good quality monitoring and a high level of value is important to any homeowner.

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