Music lovers and furniture enthusiasts unite–speaker company Sonos and furniture mogul Ikea announced an upcoming partnership earlier this week. Don’t get too excited, though: supposedly their collaboration won’t hit shelves until 2019.

Ikea’s Growing Interest In Smart Tech

The partnership between Ikea and Sonos follows other collaborations Ikea has launched in the past few years, including Qi wireless charging and smart lighting products. Breaking into the smart tech scene and allowing customers to make their home more connected on a budget seems to be Ikea’s new move, so the new collaboration between Ikea and Sonos just makes sense. As Ikea is expanding their offerings from furniture to include gadgets and smart home compatible products, the announcement of their partnership with Sonos is definitely one that many tech enthusiasts are excited about.

What Can We Expect?

Very little details have been released on the partnership, but it’s likely that Ikea will at least be selling Sonos’ speakers in their stores. With Ikea’s innovative design team and Sonos’ technology, though, the combinations are endless. This partnership with Sonos goes beyond the aesthetic, too. As Sonos already has existing capabilities to connect with Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, and is currently trying to negotiate with Apple to work with Siri.

In addition, Spotify and other music services already work with Sonos, and adding Ikea’s design and functional furniture into the mix creates the possibility for an even more interconnected home with a greater emphasis on design.

Not only is Ikea benefiting from this partnership, but Sonos’ products now have the opportunity to be exposed to Ikea’s hundreds of millions of customers that shop there yearly.

The Future of Ikea

While we anxiously await 2019 for the partnership’s products to hit shelves, it’s interesting to think about what Ikea could be trying to accomplish next. Is virtual reality and Ikea the next big combination? Maybe Ikea will even try to break into the home security business? Only time will tell.