Immedia’s Blink Home Security system was a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign that had over $1 million worth of pledges and 6,800 backers. 

Blink is a simple, DIY, home security setup. It has no monthly fees or contracts, and a cordless design. It boasts its status as the first totally wire-free smart HD home monitoring and alert system.

So, let’s get into the nuts and bolts: is Immedia Blink worth it as your home security setup?


The Specs

Blink is a compact, small (2.77 inches), and features a white, square camera. It’s main package offering comes with two lithium AA batteries, a camera, and a separate stand that you have to attach yourself and mount hardware (which might make it slightly difficult to place the product anywhere.)

Blink Immedia operates via a Sync Module with an included power adapter that you will have to plug into a power outlet.

It can connect up to 10 devices on one system, and it has a micro-USB slot so you can access its videos and features at any point. Blink equipment do have to be within 100 feet of the sync module to communicate.

As for the product itself, Blink has a 720p camera that has a 100-degree field of view lens, a motion sensor, and an infrared LED for night time. The siren is over 100dB’s, and Blink can store up to 7,200 seconds of video, or 1,440 five second events. You can read more in depth about their camera on our blink camera review.

There’s A Lot Missing

There’s a lot of problems with Blink as a home security system and the majority of them are because the product is rather limited. It has a camera, a sensor, and a smartphone app, but otherwise it’s pretty simple.

The camera can’t pan, tilt, or zoom. Clip lengths only last up to 10 seconds, and the motion detector has a 10 second delay before even recording. This is problematic, because a lot can happen in 10 seconds.

One of the other immediate issues with Immedia is that the product can not be used outdoors. It’s only suited for indoor use, and it has to remain within the operating temperature of 32° to 95°. The camera isn’t waterproof, and any exposure to moisture will void the one year limited warranty.

There’s no 2-way talk feature, no audio alerts, no environmental sensors to let you know of temperature changes, it can’t record on-demand video, and it doesn’t integrate with any other home security products. It also doesn’t have any in-app rules or scheduling. 

Common complaints are a laggy app and motion sensor issues, and if you lose power or internet, you lose the system entirely. To resolve the issue you have to manually unplug it and re-plug it in. This is highly problematic if you’re away from your home or on vacation. Alarms are also sold separately.


The Takeaway

A Blink system does have some pros. It’s budget friendly at less than $100, has free cloud storage, and it’s simple to setup and maintain. But Blink is the bare minimum in home security. It’s a camera, a sensor, and an app, all without many of the very essential things you’ll need to truly be protected. If you’re opting in for home security, don’t opt in for bare minimum.