Located in Fulton, Canton Township, Ohio, Impact Security is one of the several home security companies in the US. They claim to go beyond the standard alarm monitoring.

Impact Systems offers state-of-the-art security systems built and monitored with advanced technology aimed at protecting families and businesses. With their system, you can watch your home or business 24/7 from anywhere in the world with just the click of a button.


Videofied Verified Alarm System

Impact Security has a wireless Videofied verified alarm system with a couple of impressive features;

  • Two window/door sensors
  • Two key fobs
  • Motion view camera
  • Touch-free keypad with 2-way voice
  • Wireless

Window/Door Sensors

Door and window sensors are two separate pieces. Homeowners can either fit them with an adhesive on the door or windows or screw them directly onto the frame for support.

The best way to install window and door sensors is to position them next to each other since they interact when either the door or window moves.

Sensors use magnetic fields to track the movement of the door, window or the frame. And if they separate, for example, if the door or window opens, the sensors send a signal to the alarm.

Key Fobs

Impact Security system kit also comes with a wireless key fob that helps in arming and disarming the alarm system.

Touch-Free Keypad

Videofied alarm system by Impact System features a touch-free keypad with two-way voice. The integrated two-way voice makes it possible to communicate with the intruder or guests to your home.

Motion View Camera

Also included in the Impact Home Security Kit is a surveillance camera. Log onto the camera remotely on your cell phone or computer and see what’s happening in your home.


The system is fully wireless. Impact Security Videofied uses cell phone tower, and the installation involves no wire cutting.

In the event of an intrusion into your home, the Impact System will send video to your cell phone, email, and police.

Impact System Total Connect

Aside from Videofied, Impact System also has another product christened, Total Connect. It’s a Honeywell L5000 Lynx Touch Wireless Alarm System featuring a bright full-color touchscreen.

The system kit includes L5000 Lynx Touch Wireless Alarm System, window stickers, wireless door/window sensors, wireless pet immune motion detector and power cabling

Among others, the L5000 Lynx Touch Wireless Alarm System comes with an array of beneficial features;

  • A 4.7″ color graphics touchscreen
  • Speakerphone operation
  • Remote phone control
  • Wall/desk mount
  • Auto stay arming
  • Energy savings
  • Family message center

Cost of Impact Home Security System

With no contract, the Videofied security system kit that includes a free camera will cost you $499. The security system with a 5-year contract costs $299.

L5000 Lynx Touch Wireless Alarm System costs $249 plus $99 for installation. If you want a camera, they come at an additional cost.


Professionally Monitored Home Security System

Can’t decide between monitored home security and unmonitored home security? While unmonitored home security may look cheaper, professionally monitored home security is a lot more secure.

In monitored home security, your alarm system is connected to a central monitoring station. And in the event of a break-in, the system relays a signal to the monitoring station, after which the station notifies the police as well as the homeowner.

Protect America

Interested in monitored home security? Protect America is a national home security company founded in 1992. We’re a direct-consumer business and ship free security equipment worth up $1400. After that, we guide our clients through a simple DIY installation process for free. Found a better deal elsewhere? Tell us, and we’ll match it. Contact us today to request a free quote.