In a world filled with selfies, it was only a matter of time before home automation equipment took a turn towards the self-promotional photo. Here is an Amazon Echo Look review. 


Amazon, who created the Echo, a voice activated home automation product that allows users to control various devices in their homes using simple voice commands via a personal assistant known as “Alexa,” has unveiled their “Amazon Echo Look.” A version of the Amazon Echo that is geared towards customers who’d like to take photos of their outfits. It’s a hands-free camera that users can use to shoot self-portraits triggered by their voices.


The Echo look is not much different from the traditional Echo. It is also controlled via Alexa and it works as a personal assistant, but also a personal photographer and fashion consultant.

Amazon is pitching the Echo Look as the first “artificially intelligent styles assistant.”

Taking a picture with the Echo Look is as simple as a user standing in front of the camera and saying, “Hey Alexa, take a picture!”

The Look resembles the latest generation of smart home security cameras. It’s another oblong shape with a camera, mic, and LED array at the bottom. It has a companion smartphone application that allows users to see the full length portraits they’ve captured, or they can live-stream their footage. Through these photos, a personal look-book is created.

The Style Check feature is equipped with an advanced machine learning technology that’s based on fashion expert advice and providers feedback to Echo Look users. Here a user can submit two outfit photos and the system will tell users which outfits out of the two look the best. It does so based on criteria like fit, color, styling, and current trends.

The Echo Look can shoot both photos and videos. It has a built-in ring light that’s equipped with four LED lights and an intelligent background blur that creates a shallow depth of field look, along with a standard tripod mount. It’s equipped with a large microphone and camera off button on the side of the device, which means that it isn’t recording at every waking moment.

The Echo Look will also function like a standard Alexa, so users can use basic voice commands, like controlling smart home devices and filling users in on the temperature outside.

Pricing and Availability

As of now, the Echo Look is invitation only. It will cost $200 for members of Amazon Prime once it is available.

As of now, the Echo Look is still between the prototype and full-on product phases. There has been no indication when the device will actually be available. Since it is currently invitation only, people can request invitations if they want access to the product, but even then it’s likely that it will be hard to obtain.

Some privacy concerns have arisen with the device. What will Amazon do with all of the data it is collecting? Is it a good ideas for users to have a camera in a very personal part of their homes—the bedroom—even though cameras can be turned on and off? And doesn’t this create a clear revenue stream for Amazon to send targeted ads and clothing suggestions? Couldn’t this also serve as a means for AI technology to be judging people based off of their appearances?

Aside from some of the privacy concerns, it’s also important to note that both the Amazon Look and Echo aren’t themselves home security tools. They aid home security by connecting with other automated devices to help create a smart home, but by themselves,  they’re simply voice-activated products. It’s important for customers to remember that home security must be all-encompassing, with monitored systems that are connected to law enforcement and include smoke, fire, and other emergency protection.


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