Per an email sent to subscribers last week, the Iris by Lowe’s Home Automation platform will shut down for good on March 31. The email further explains that in lieu of the shutdown process, current customers will no longer be charged for services rendered after January 31. Iris customers can redeem prepaid Visa cards for Iris products that are only compatible on the Iris by Lowe’s platform via an online redemption link that was included in the email. The decision to terminate the home automation platform follows Lowe’s futile efforts to sell off Iris as part of newly minted CEO Marvin Ellison’s restructuring efforts. While Iris by Lowe’s is soon to be a thing of the past, Lowe’s plans to keep smart home products on their shelves through a partnership with B8ta, which operates store-within-a-store showrooms.

What was Iris by Lowe’s?

Iris by Lowe’s was a smart home platform that operated on a subscription-based billing system. For the sake of comparison, Iris by Lowe’s was a contemporary to other home automation systems such as Samsung’s  SmartThings and Wink. The Iris app was rough around the edges and the monthly subscription rates was often riddled with questionable fees, but Lowe’s banked on a wide range of compatible devices and an extremely user tailored rules system would make up the difference. Lowe’s first entered the smart home playing field in 2012 and later replaced the initial platform with a second-generation hub in 2015. Iris by Lowe’s was doomed from the get-go in a sense due to the general nature of platforms semi-closed ecosystem. This put the Lowe’s smart home platform at a distinct disadvantage in a world where DIY smart home tinkerers wanted to mix & match devices from various vendors.

Even though Iris had a plethora of devices – security cameras, sensors and smoke detectors to name a few – Lowe’s hindered their presence in the market by restricting the Iris ecosystem to devices sanctioned by Lowe’s. Not to add insult to injury, Lowe’s further soured the situation by incorporating technologies present on other smart home platforms, but tweaking said technologies just enough to warrant a proprietary rights tag.

Not to state the obvious…but Iris came up short for a number of reasons. That being said, current users will need to seek an alternative option with the March 31st shutdown looming on the horizon. Lowe’s proposes Samsung’s SmartThings as a viable replacement that should successfully integrate with a few of the soon-to-be obsolete Iris sensors.

The Email

As a valued customer, we wanted to provide an important update regarding Iris. We have decided to shut down the Iris smart home platform and related services effective March 31, 2019. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and are committed to providing the resources and support needed as you transition to comparable smart home products.

This letter provides important information on the process and resources available for Iris customers.

  • We have created an online redemption process that will allow customers who have eligible, connected Iris devices to receive a Visa prepaid card to help migrate to another smart home platform.
  • Upon logging into Iris, you will be directed to complete the redemption process using a customized, online tool. You will also be able to access additional information, such as redemption status and support articles.
  • All Iris customers need to complete the redemption process through the Iris app or at by March 31, 2019.
  • The online process is the only way you can receive a redemption for your already connected Iris items. Please do not bring connected items back to the store.
  • Customers can return any Iris items they have purchased within the last 90 days that are not connected to the Iris platform via Lowe’s normal return policy (see your Lowe’s receipt for Lowe’s Return Policy details).
  • Some customers may find the redemption value exceeds the amount owed via Lowe’s Return Policy.
  • Many devices used with Iris are compatible with other smart home platforms. For example, SmartThings is a comparable platform to Iris, and to ease the transition, SmartThings’ support team is ready to assist you with the migration process.
  • Some devices incompatible with other smart home platforms are eligible for redemption.

For more information regarding the shutdown of the Iris platform, click here to visit our support article. We appreciate your business and hope you continue to choose Lowe’s for your future smart home and home improvement needs.

Next Steps

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