There are a few essential elements to any home security system. One of these components is the use of motion sensors. Kangaroo seriously takes the importance of motion sensors to heart since it is the only form of detection that their system currently uses. For those of you who are new to the home security industry, it doesn’t’ take a rocket scientist to construct an effective system capable of protecting your home and alert you of a potential threat.

Without diving too deep here’s an idea as to what the average system consists of across the industry: a central HUB, a couple door/window sensors, a camera or two, a few motion sensors, a well-placed glass break sensor, and a couple other devices to round out the somewhat diverse roster of hardware.

The entirety of the Kangaroo system consists of one device – motion sensors. They even managed to ditch the need for a traditional central HUB since the motion sensors connect directly to your home Wi-Fi network. The only other element to the system once the motion sensor(s) are considered is the Kangaroo app. Seems like Kangaroo has a quick 1-2-3 approach to the ever-increasing home security field.

Pros and Cons of Only Using Motion Sensors

There are two major benefits to Kangaroo’s approach to home security:

  • A central hub is obsolete since the motion sensors connect directly to your home wireless network.
  • A single motion sensor can monitor a full room in most cases.

However, there is one major pitfall to Kangaroo’s home security design:

  • Motion sensors will only alert you of an intruder once they are already inside your home.

Kangaroo’s Future Product Lineup

According to their website, Kangaroo plans to add three additional offerings to their home security lineup.

Combination Motion-Entry Sensor

This sensor includes the added benefit of alerting you to the opening of any doors or windows, in addition to monitoring it’s viewing range for any motion.


This central point is a hub for the sake of argument. This nugget features a keypad and includes keyring tags that provide access to your home for guests, housekeepers and other planned guests.

Climate Sensor

A Climate Sensor is the last planned addition to the Kangaroo home security product lineup. This pill shaped device detects water and larger than normal changes in temperature and humidity. These notifications can help minimize the impact of potentially large disasters.


Home Security Plans

Kangaroo offers two monitoring plans: a free plan and their Complete Plan. The free plan is very much a bare bones plan that includes app push notifications and the ability to invite an unlimited number of users to your account. The Complete plan costs $9/month or $60/year (a savings of over 55%). This more well-rounded option offers notifications via SMS text and voice calls, is capable of integrating with Amazon’s Alexa, provides an additional layer of security through 24/7 Professional Monitoring and a possible discount on your homeowners insurance.

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