Less is more – a well-known line of Victorian poetry, an epithet associated with a founder of modern architecture, and apparently the mantra of startup home security contender, Kangaroo. The super simple home security company kicked off their operations earlier this year in mid-February in New York, NY. More recently, Kangaroo successfully raised $4.4 million in their opening seed round of funding through the interest of four named investors in early May. 


Again, Kangaroo’s claim to (potential) fame is simplicity. For those of you who are new to the home security industry, it doesn’t’ take a rocket scientist to construct a reliable system that will protect your house and alert residents of a potential threat.  Without diving too deep here’s an idea as to what the average system consists of across the industry: a central HUB, a couple door/window sensors, a camera or two, a few motion sensors, a well-placed glass break sensor, and a couple other doo-dads to round out the somewhat diverse roster of hardware. 

Nothing too complicated once you understand the lingo. None the less, Kangaroo is looking to put a wrinkle in the industry and simplify the already crazy simple world of home security hardware. Now if you’re anything like me, you’re probably wondering,

“How the heck can Kangaroo offer a more simple option?” 

Deceptively Simple Solution

The entirety of the Kangaroo system consists of one device – motion sensors. They even managed to ditch the timeless tradition of the central HUB by making their one device purely Wi-Fi enabled, which allows it to connect directly to the local network. The only other element to the system once the motion sensor(s) are taken into account is the Kangaroo app. Seems like Kangaroo has a quick 1-2-3 approach to the ever increasing home security field. 

The price tag is also scary simple. Each motion sensor costs $30 and the monitoring plan will cost either $1/month for the self-monitored option or $9/month for the pro-monitored option. If you’re curious as to why the gaping $8 difference between plans, here’s the deal. The base $1/month self-monitored option is just that – you, the user, monitors your property via updates on your phone. The pro-monitoring plan delegates the potentially mind numbing task to an experienced monitoring agent who will act on your behalf in the event of an unforeseen situation and contact 9-1- 1 and guide the local authorities to your house in the event something happens when your away or unable it do so yourself. The pro-monitored plan also has the ability to potentially knock up-to 20% of your current statement right off your home owners insurance. 

Custom Home Security

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