Kastle Systems is a home security company that was established fairly early, in 2001. They have less experience in the home security industry than other companies. However, they operate and manage systems for their clients full-time. While they are a growing business and excel in aspects such as customer service, there are a still a number of areas within their service capabilities that are questionable. Their lack of transparency in pricing, high-pressure sales techniques, and inexperience in the industry all conclude that there are better options out there as far as home security goes.


Lack of Transparency

Kastle offers a number of different security bundles. However, it is difficult to see any additional costs without requesting a quote. The Kastle website makes it very difficult for a customer to tell what kind of value they are receiving. Most customers like to see the prices online before they call. Kastle Systems makes it very difficult to estimate cost. Be weary about any company that refuses to give transparent cost structures. Protect America offers a list of all the available equipment to add to whichever package you choose to fit your needs. We also include pricing for all available packages, giving you all the information needed online so that you can save time researching.

Pressured Sales

After you call and speak to a Kastle Systems representative, they will pressure you to opt for a in-house consultation without giving out much pricing information. While the consultation visit is indeed helpful, a prospective client should be able to get basic pricing and contract information before agreeing to purchase a system and service. They say that they “can’t” give out pricing information due to the fact that they need to evaluate your home first. While each home is different, and requires different security needs – it helps the consumer immensely to know the price range they’ll be looking at to cover their entire home. Many people get rushed into making a decision when there is a representative sitting in front of them. The pressure to decide in this type of scenario is very high. Consumers often feel uncomfortable having to decide right then and there without having ample time to think about the decision they are making. These decisions are very important and involve legally binding documents that are not to be take lightly.

At Protect America, you can see all the prices and packages clearly listed on our website online – before you even make a call. And once you call, one of our friendly representatives can give you even more information about how to customize your security system to perfectly fit your home, business or apartment. We generally don’t ever step foot into your home unless you put in a special request for help. Our installation is free, DIY, and guided by one our of specialized technicians for your efficiency and convenience. Consider calling us today or just check out our website!


Is Kastle Systems a Trusted Name?

If you don’t know the answer to this question, there is little reason to entrust the safety of your family and property with their company. You can find mixed reviews about Kastle. However there are still issues regarding consumers reporting faulty equipment and inadequate service. Consider other options like Protect America, where your safety is our number one concern. Kastle Systems is not up-front with the information they provide. They don’t even give out basic information such as how long their items are under warranty. On the other hand, Protect America provides a lifetime warranty on all products with purchase of monthly monitoring. Monitoring can be bough for as low as $19.99 a month and every plan is expandable and simple to use. Consider investing in a reliable and honest home security company such as Protect America. Whatever your needs are, we can help you!