If you are looking for security systems in 2019, then you might have come across information about a company called Knight Security. Knight Security is a security and alarm product and installation service provider in Texas. They carry a variety of brands and serve customers in several key cities throughout the state of Texas.

A buyers guide for 2019 for Knight Security Systems is greatly needed, considering there is not much other information available about this company online.


Much of the information gathered for this report, was only available from their website and browsing related information about their security products and services. They provide some articles to learn a bit about what their company does. Continue reading this post to learn more about Knight Security and use the information provided as a guide for 2019. If you need consultation on setting up your home alarm, security and surveillance system, call Protect America to talk with a security professional.

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About the Knight Security Company

Knight Security is a home alarm, security and surveillance company based in Texas. They have several offices in that state. Their office locations include Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Lubbock, Corpus Christi and McAllen. Their team consists of several professionals. Phil Lake, the President of the company, has three decades of experience in the life safety, security and controls industries. Prior to Knight, he worked for Honeywell, Chubb Security and Siemens.

He has served as the Knight president for more than a decade. Trey West is the Vice President and CTO in North Texas. He has significant electronics industry experience and also previously worked at Siemens. Martin  Krohn brings more than two decades of experience in fire detection and alarms and also worked for Siemens and Chubb. Mark  Anderson brings 30 years of experience in the construction industry. Knight Security provides a range of products, services and solutions in their markets within the state of Texas.

Products from Knight Security

Knight Security provides a variety of products in the home security niche. Knight selects security products by hand per customer, focusing on customization in the home alarm, security and surveillance systems they provide to their customers. Genetec, S2 Security, Milestone, Axis, Sony, HID Global and other brands are carried by the company.

Additionally, they work with buying cooperatives in Texas as well as government groups like DIR, H-GACBuy, GSA and Choice Partners. Service, software upgrades and maintenance are part of their terms under an agreement. They carry access control systems, video surveillance systems, fire detection systems, intrusion alarms, hold-up alarms and duress alarms, according to the information available in their products section.


Services from Knight Security

In addition to product offerings, Knight also has a variety of services for customers in Texas. These include the Secure Plan, Secure Plan 24 and the Secure Plan Health. The kinds of services available depend upon the plan selected but can include monitoring, remote desktop access, customer support desk, remote diagnostics, system health monitoring, notifications and variety of others. A chart that lists features under each column of each plan is available on the Knight Security website under the “Services” tab, where you can find which plan is most suitable for your particular needs.

Solutions Offered from Knight Security

Solutions offered from Knight Security include access control systems, video surveillance and monitoring, intrusion detection and monitoring systems and fire detection systems. Knight works with any size client, from home owner or small business owner to large enterprise clients that need custom solutions, integrations or installations. If you want to learn more about DIY installations for home security, contact Protect America to speak with an expert today. Interested in monitored home security? Get a free quote from Protect America