In the self install, DIY home security market your options seem endless. Korner offers one of the least tedious setups. As the name suggests, you simply place tags on corners of windows or doors, insert the Korner Stick USB device into a modem or router, download an app that sends notifications, and you’re good to go.

The product’s largest selling point is it’s under $100, (but it’s right at $98, so it isn’t far off), and after your first year there’s a $40 annual fee.

It’s a unique option, and easy-to-use. But is it worth it?


There’s Some Problems

Korner’s simplicity is one of it’s biggest weaknesses. There aren’t any options to add motion detectors, or key chain remotes.

If you’re home, or place of residence is too large, you may need to add an extender to increase the reach of your system. It looks like the Korner Stick and provides an additional siren.

Korner’s biggest problem however, is that if a door or window is opened slowly enough the sensors aren’t triggered at all. That’s not very reassuring for a home security product.

One of the issues with all unmonitored security systems is that police or emergency responders aren’t notified of an event. You’ll have to contact them yourself once you receive a notification.

Korner somewhat counters that issue with an interesting option called “Circle Feed,” which allows users to add contacts to their setup. This can be neighbors, family, or friends. If an alarm goes off you can notify your circle or have them receive alerts if anything in the home is off.

Korner uses ZigBee radio for the device tags, and the Korner note does note that ZigBee devices are prone to being hacked, but reassure that the take all of the proper safeguards.

Tags aren’t exactly flattering, they will be noticeable on your windows and doors, and additional tags run for $25 each.



Korner can be effective for users that can’t afford pricey solutions and need to stick to a tight budget. It’s portable, simple, and their reviews online are mostly positive.

The product works decently well for what it’s sold to do, but it isn’t ideal for home security, especially in larger homes.

If you have the means to purchase all-inclusive, and monitored home security, we suggest you take that route, and avoid this simple Korner setup.