The Kwikset Smart Lock Conversion Kit is joining the Z-Wave security game. Kwikset has introduced new smart lock technology to their products that the company hopes will allow more homeowners to use smart locks. Through Z-Wave technology, Smart Lock Conversion Kit will transform mechanical locks into smart, electronic locks. Kwikset hopes this will be a viable option for those who want to install a smart lock without changing the exterior look of the front door.

Customers of the Smart Lock Conversion Kit will be able to enjoy the benefits and security of a keyless lock without having to change the design of the door. This is done by replacing the interior side of the lock without actually having to change the exterior side. Not just build for front doors either, the Kwikset Smart Lock can be added to any door the resident prefers to keep secure.


How it works

The technology that allows for this lock to be possible is actually nothing new. Z-Wave technology has become a very popular system of use in the world of home security. Kwikset hopes their new lock will be a hit among renters as well as owners, as customers are able to maintain the buildings original external door lock. As long as the user is connected to Wi-Fi, they can lock or unlock their door from anywhere in the world. They can even grant restricted access to neighbors or friends remotely and check on the door status. This is why Z-Wave technology has become a very popular option for vacation home owners or owners who are away for long periods of time.

“Kwikset Convert will appeal to owners of both condominiums and vacation properties whose homeowners associations require all exterior locks to be uniform in appearance,” Division Vice President, Keith Brandon, told Digital Trends. “It will also be ideal for renters who aren’t allowed to change out their current locks.”

How it looks

Although Z-Wave technology is nothing new for smart home locks, what separates the Kwikset Convert is its look. While most smart locks require complete, and sometimes fairly complicated alterations, this conversion kit appeals to the fan of the not-so-flashy. By only altering the interior side of the original lock, the door looks completely unchanged from the outside. Users are even able to better personalize their Kwikset Smart Lock to fit their exterior by choosing between Brass, Venetian Bronze, and Satin Nickel. Although it is compatible with a wide-vairety of locks, it does not work with every brand. The system is currently compatible with locks from Kwikset, Baldwin, Weiser, and Schlage.



For $149.99, the Kwikset Convert Smart Lock Conversion Kit is fairly priced when compared to its competition.  Although it seems to offer a lot, it suffers from limitations its direct competition does not. Instead, I would recommend considering the August Smart Lock, a very similar product and price that is slightly more capable. If you are interested in the August Smart Lock or any other home security needs, contact Protect America today for an obligation-free quote. Protect America has been professionally monitoring homes for 25 years and guarantees the best quality protection at the most competitive price.