Historically most security systems have typically required a home phone or other landline. This ‘hard-wired’ connection was necessary in order to provide a steady link to an around-the-clock security monitoring service. However, the overall home security industry has changed as a whole with the rise of cell phones. Today, the sense of comfort that comes with 24/7 monitoring is readily available thanks to the wireless towers used mostly by cell phones.

The Downfall of Home Security Landlines & the Rise of Wireless Security Systems

In light of the growing trend of families opting for a family cell phone plan in lieu of a standard landline, it is only logical for security companies to feel the need to evolve with the times. While wireless monitoring was initially designed and implemented as a backup option in the event of a blackout or other event that rendered a home phone inoperable, many home security companies now offer wireless monitoring as a standalone service.

A wireless connection is established and maintained via cell towers. These cellular towers are located near and around your house. A wireless connection differs from a home landline our security provider can also install a cellular transmitter on your property. A wireless connection truly ‘cuts the cord’. Your security system is totally independent of a landline, internet connection, and electrical power. This also means that you need not worry about your system failing in the event of damaged connections or outages.

In addition to the near-perfect connection uptime, there are a number of added benefits to a wireless connection. You can receive text alerts since your home security system is directly tied to your cell phone. You can also access your system remotely from across town or cross country. Furthermore, you have the ability to control home automation features. Some of these features include remote control of lighting, locks to exterior entryways, and adjusting your thermostat.