LaserShield Home Security is based out of Las Cruxes, New Mexico. The company targets buyers with low to middle income families. LaserShield caters to homeowners or renters who live in apartments, houses or locations where electronic protection is desired at a cheap price and with little to no professional installation or additional costs. The system looks good at a glance. However, just a little bit of research shows that this security system is an overall waste of what little money they claim it will costs you. LaserShield is not much of a shield at all, but more of a false sense of security.


The LaserShield Package

It has three parts — a base station, a sensor, and two remotes. These devices all work in concert, wirelessly, and have a battery back-up in case power goes out. The sensor is about the size of a portable hardrive and the base station is small, although the fact that it screams at you when things change in the system might be a giveaway to thieves. To set it up you connect the base to a phone line and power and pair it with the sensor and the keychain remotes. Starter system protects up to 1200 sq. ft. with wireless detection unit. Professional Emergency Response available with Rapid Response Monitoring to summon authorities during an emergency.

How Much Does It Cost?

The LaserShield kit will cost you $199 and it only comes with one sensor. How many homes do you know with just one door and no windows? Most base packages include at least 2-3 sensors for a start. For some extra cash, you can purchase additional sensors for your home. To upgrade the system with more sensors, you’ll pay roughly for $60 per additional sensor. In order to secure every door and window in your house with a sensor, you’ll end up spending quite a bit of money.

Once you set up the package, you can choose to monitor your system professionally or personally. For professional monitoring, you must go online to create an account with LaserShield. You will then pay $25 for activation and an additional $20 a month in monitoring bills. For much less, you can have an even better system protecting your home. At Protect America, we provide you with free equipment and a lifetime warranty upon purchase of monthly monitoring. Monthly monitoring costs as little as $19.99 for the same plan that LaserShield offers as far as monitoring – only through what we believe is a better monitoring service.

Get More Elsewhere

Let’s just say your home has a few doors and windows that you need to secure. You purchase 5 extra sensors. With the extra sensors, the $200 base package, the activation and first month of monitoring fees… you’ll be paying about $600 to get your system up and running. This is the estimated cost if you choose not to get anything in addition to sensors. Many people like to secure their homes with glass-break sensors, CO monitors, monitored smoke detectors, and video surveillance. As you can see, it all adds up. With Protect America, there are no up-front costs and multiple monitoring choices for your home and family. Consider a security company that has an option for everyone.


LaserShield is Out-Dated

Even the LaserShield website is out-dated. There are some featured promotional deals on the front page of their site with an expiration date of July 2013 – over a year ago! If a company doesn’t take the time to update the front page of their own website, what makes you think they will take the time updating your security needs in a timely manner? LaserShield requires customers to have a landline, which can be a stable way of setting up your home security system. However, landlines are considered out-dated and easily bypassed by security threats. It just takes a burglar clipping your landline for the whole system to go down. While landline monitoring is a solid choice in a security deterrent, cellular monitoring is considered more reliable. Protect America offers three types of monitoring for you to choose.

A customer tested the unit in his home and reported this experience:

I tested the armed system. Any intruder with half a brain would see the sensors. Sadly, I was able to get by the sensors and gain access to all of the house by using very slow deliberate movements.

The Alternative

When looking to find peace of mind when it comes to your family, an alarm system can help make the difference to make your home feel secure. And we realize that importance of feeling safe. With over 20 years in the security industry, Protect America offers various security equipment pieces to customize your security system to your home and budget.