A monitored home security system is a tool that can provide peace of mind for the safety of you, your family and your belongings. Statistics show that homes and businesses that are equipped with a live monitoring security system are much less likely to be vandalized or burglarized vs. an unprotected one. Those without active security monitoring systems are up to three times as more likely to have their homes and businesses targeted for theft, vandalism and home invasion.


As you delve into the world of reviewing security monitoring companies, what they have to offer and what your actual security needs are vs. the amount of security, investment and products that may be suggested, you may become overwhelmed. Who’s the best company to provide you with your system? What is the best security home monitoring system for your home and lifestyle?  Who offers the best, most affordable pricing?

Things to Consider When Deciding on Where to Purchase Your Home Security System From

Here are some things to factor in during the decision-making process:

  • Keep it simple – Most companies and residences won’t require high-tech security systems like fingerprint identification, or a retinal scanner. A fairly basic, yet solid security system is composed of a live monitored video system, motion sensors around doors and windows, motion-activated cameras, and a directly linked and live monitoring service that is available 24/7 for the consumer.
  • Better Business Bureau Rankings – These days, with DIY options and telemarketing sales for home security systems, the choices in home security can be plentiful. One of the major considerations is what a company’s rankings are with the BBB, as this will give you a report card on how the company has been rated by consumers, the number of complaints that have been filed and give you a peek into the consistency and longevity of the business overall.
  • National Council for Home Safety and Security research – The National Council for Home Safety and Security is a national trade association comprised of alarm and security system companies, trade groups an the like across the US. Their website is a great resource for a plethora of information on affordable monitored security systems. They also offer great tips on what consumers should look for when considering the purchase of a system for their residence or business.

Compare Your Final Options in Home Security Companies

Remember that your goals are going to include keeping the costs involved in the system– monthly fees, installation, etc- to a minimum while simultaneously receiving the highest quality of security and monitoring from the company that you decide to shop with. After you practice due diligence in figuring out what the best companies are for you to consider as your home security system provider, the final step before making your purchase will be narrowing your list down to one, reputable company. Your end goal is to pick the best company that can provide you with a fully monitored security system- tailored to your specifications. Here’s how to do so and be successful:

  • Compare pricing against companies based on your needs. Which company will offer you the most perks in your price range, for the package that you are seeking?
  • The quality of customer service provided is an essential aspect to consider when entering the actively monitored home security world. The ability to quickly and easily reach customer service agents, twenty-four hours a day to address any questions or concerns is a must.

Protect America is one of the largest home security monitoring companies in the nation.With no-tools installation packages, setting up a secure and reliable home monitoring system is easy and can be done so for just about any size apartment, home or business. Receive a free quote today and tailor-design a system that will work specifically for your security needs.