LifeShield has been making wireless security systems for homes and small businesses since 2004. While they have been around for almost a decade, their technology is still being proven in the field. With an appalling F-rating on the Better Business Bureau, you need to consider better alternatives.


LifeShield has limitations

Buying a LifeShield home security system means you’re stuck with their monitoring service plans. Similar to ADT, LifeShield’s alarms are proprietary. This means they only work with LifeShield monitoring services. If you try LifeShield and aren’t happy, the equipment you just bought is worthless. Is there an alternative? Other companies, like Protect America, use alarms that work with any service.

LifeShield’s equipment offerings are limited. For example, they do not offer recessed door sensors, garage-door sensors, intercom systems or home automation of any kind. Additionally, LifeShield does not have security systems for landlines or offer any kind of refunds on their products. Consider choosing a company that offers a larger selection. Protect America has double the length of experience in the security industry and offers customizable packages to specifically meet your needs.

LifeShield only covers a one-year warranty on its equipment, which barely covers a third of their three year contract. What happens after a year when something goes out on your system and you’re locked into a contract? You can purchase a longer warranty for an additional cost. Buying into a home security company that isn’t invested in your long-term security is dangerous. Consider other options like Protect America, where a lifetime warranty is guaranteed.



LifeShield’s cheapest package starts at $29.99 a month for monitoring fees. On top of this, it costs $99 for installation by a technician. While this might seem like a cheap deal, there are more affordable and trusted options out there such as Protect America. Protect America’s base package starts at $19.99 a month with no equipment or installation costs.

Is LifeShield a trusted name?

If you don’t know the answer to this question, there is little reason to entrust the safety of your family and property with their company. There are only a few negative reviews here and there about LifeShield, however there are still issues regarding consumers reporting faulty equipment.

For example, this customer wrote a review that stated,

2 of our outdoor cameras failed or disconnected from the system. The tech was unable to help me get the camera back online.

Another unhappy reviewer says,

My experience with this company was horrific. Truly terrible.

LifeShield has recognized that their equipment can be faulty, and as an incentive, they offer extra equipment if customers report the problem. The bottom line: Never stake your security with something you can’t fully trust.