LifeShield Home Security’s home page advertises its services “for less than $1/day.” The company offers 24/7 “monitoring and protection from burglary, fire, and carbon dioxide.” Included is video surveillance “accessible from your phone from anywhere in the world.” (With the video plan, you pay somewhat more than the $1/day, actually.)

The service also advertises $1,000 in “free equipment.” The equipment comes with a 3-year monitoring agreement. Shipping and handling charges also apply. If you terminate the contract early, you will be charged an early termination fee.

The company boasts up-to-date wireless equipment. Its home security systems include:


1. Intrusion protection with 4 layers of protection:

  • Layer 1. Broadband internet
  • Layer 2. Cellular network
  • Layer 3.  Cellular text
  • Layer 4.  Landline phone

The layers provide redundancy in the event of failure of the Internet or a disruption of the home’s telephone line.

2. Fire and Carbon Monoxide protection

Listening to the sound of existing smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in the home, LifeShield’s sensor technology sends a signal for help to the monitoring center to call the Fire Department. There is no extra charge, and the customer does not have to replace any of the home’s existing equipment.

3.  Video monitoring (with the upgraded plans)

LifeShield’s small wireless video cameras automatically record video when a sensor is triggered. Videos are viewable from a smart phone, and the cameras can double as baby and front door monitors.

Pricing plans—Services and Equipment

LifeShield offers 3 monthly pricing levels: $29.99, $39.99, and $49.99. Each plan includes 24/7 alarm monitoring, the base station, a wireless security control tablet, and motion detection equipment with door and window sensors. All systems come with the free mobile app for IOS and Android.

Upgrade to the $39.99 plan and receive 6 (rather than the baseline 4) window sensors and 1 wireless video camera with 30-days of video storage. The $49.99 plan includes a glass break sensor, 8 door and window sensors, and 2 wireless video cameras with 60-days of video storage.


Extra costs not mentioned in the pricing information

Listed only on the customer order form is a $99.99 “Activation Fee.” LifeShield also adds a $200 “Equipment Cost” to the package, likewise not mentioned on the home page—unless they meant the “shipping and handling costs.”  You must also agree to a credit check at the time of ordering.

So the hidden charges result in an additional up-front cost of $299.99. The total cost of the LifeShield package for a 3-year commitment is $1,739.63.