It’s easy to become overwhelmed when comparing home security systems. Many companies promise their products and monitoring services are unbeatable. During your search for the best service at the best price, you may choose to compare LifeShield to Protect America.


LifeShield Overview

LifeShield’s parent company is AT&T. LifeShield has three main service offerings available:

  • Security Essentials-This packages includes motion sensors, 24/7 monitoring, mobile capabilities, and fire/carbon monoxide monitoring.
  • Security Advantage-For this service package, it has all of the features of Security Essentials plus extra sensors, a wireless video camera, and 30-day cloud storage.
  • Security Professional-For the highest level of protection, this packages offers the same features of Security Advantage plus a glass break sensor, another wireless video camera, additional sensors, and 60-day cloud video storage.

Protect America Overview

Protect America has created several different package options to best address the security needs of all customers. Offerings consist of the following equipment pieces and services:

  • Top of the line home security
  • Easy home automation
  • HD wireless security cameras

Cutting edge products from Protect America include advanced intrusion prevention products like micro sensors for doors and windows with extended battery life and easy DIY installation. The high definition video cameras have a crystal clear feed with night vision and audio built-in. All feeds can be checked through mobile applications.   

How They Compare

Protect America has more flexible contracts and pricing options than LifeShield. Contracts for LifeShield start at three years and there are strict cancellation policies. LifeShield also has more expensive packages. You’ll have to pay a minimum of $30 a month for service from LifeShield compared to $20 monthly through Protect America. You could also end up paying to repair or upgrade your equipment through LifeShield over the course of your contract. Protect America is one of the only companies that provide you with protection for your equipment for the lifetime of your contract. According to one reviewer:


“Take advantage of a Protect America plan and you’ll never be burdened with an installation charge or an equipment fee.”

Another important distinction between LifeShield and Protect America is that Protect America offers home automation support. Protect America uses Z-wave technology to allow features such as automated climate control and smart lights. Protect America also works with Amazon’s line of Alexa-enabled devices.

When you’re comparing home security companies, you’ll find Protect America has superior features at affordable prices. Request a free quote through the website and also view available plans. Protect America doesn’t charge installation fees and rates are locked in for the life of your contract.