LifeShield and SimpliSafe are fairly new companies in the wireless security industry, so they are often both considered when shopping for new monitoring equipment. Although there are a few key differences, both companies provide wireless monitoring with DIY setup options.


LifeShield Pros and Cons

LifeShield has added features to their packages to position themselves as more than a home security provider. Through LifeShield’s base, users can control a variety of sensors and alarms within their property. Newer inclusions are a pet sensor to help reduce the chance of your household animals initiating the alarms. They also have heat sensors, smoke detectors, and carbon monoxide alarms. Smartphone applications are available for both Android and Apple devices. Many of the packages also allow you to store video recordings in the cloud for a limited period of time. Customers who enter into an extended contract can receive their equipment pieces for free.

One feature of LifeShield that can be a deterrent for purchasing is the standard three-year contract. You may not want to be locked into an agreement for such an extended period of time. Although some customers prefer DIY installation, this could also be a turnoff for others. You may not want the hassle of setting up all equipment pieces on your own. The base plan is also very limited and includes:

  • Only four door and window sensors
  • No cameras
  • Fire and carbon monoxide detection only

SimpliSafe Pros and Cons

SimpliSafe has concentrated on releasing products with a slim and ergonomic design. Many of the equipment pieces blend with the room and don’t stand out. Like LifeShield, carbon monoxide and smoke are monitored in the home. All sensors and alarms are controlled through a base and your smart device. The base is smash-proof—meaning you’re protected even if a burglar destroys the keypad. This is a DIY system, which is intended to be ready to go in less than an hour and will lower the SimpliSafe cost over time. Battery backup is provided to ensure the system is running during power failures. One of the major benefits of SimpliSafe is that there is no contract required. Cancel anytime without penalty. SimpliSafe did not have a camera system available up until recently. However, they have just released a HD indoor camera to integrate with their security system. If you want to dig a little deeper we do have a SimpliSafe camera review on our blog.


Since you won’t be locked into a contract, you are expected to pay for all equipment costs. This can be pricey to get started with monitored home security. However, you can return the products for a refund if not satisfied within the first couple of months of service. On top of the equipment costs, you’ll have to pay monthly for home monitoring. SimpliSafe also does not currently support connectivity to smart home appliances.

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