LifeShield is a home security provider who attempts to compare itself to larger companies such as ADT, Vivint, and Protect America to compete. Its parent company is DirecTV. Unfortunately the company falls short on its comparisons to other companies. They have taken the liberty to compare their products and services against Protect America but it appears they have made up some of their findings because they are fairly inaccurate. Why go with a company who lies? We make it clear on our website exactly what we offer and what the price is.

In the following article we will compare exactly what LifeShield has stated on their comparison page. Here is a screen shot of what they have written:

lifeshield vs protect america


Lifeshield VS Protect America


They say they offer 2 security systems in only 1? With up to 3 backup connections? Everyone knows it doesn’t matter how many security systems you have, they all go through 1 single connection to the monitoring station whether you have landline, broadband, or cellular monitoring.

They say our system can be breached, but in reality so can their’s. They only offer Broadband or Cellular. Protect America offers all three types of monitoring. You can even add cellular to your landline monitoring as a back up source to connect your system. So even if they do cut your phone line, your system will still send a signal. Even if a burglar smashes your system , our monitoring station will see a smash and crash.


Let’s compare exactly what they are comparing. They offer free equipment, free activation, and starts at 29.99 a month. Well guess what!? We offer FREE equipment, free activation, EXCEPT our packages start at 19.99 a month!!! Not sure why they put 37.99? A company who is not truthful with you from the beginning isn’t too trust worthy if you ask me.


They offer no appointments, no fees, and no hassle? Yet again, so do we. Call in whenever you need us and our home security experts will be more than happy to help you. As long as you’re a Protect America customer, you can call in whenever you need us.

Fire Protection: Looks like yet again Lifeshield fails to even explain what exactly Fire Protection is. I think they might need a new content writer.

Fire Protection at Protect America means reliable equipment to ensure the fire department is dispatched and you are notified if there is a fire or smoke is detected within your home. We provide photoelectric smoke detectors, wireless sirens, fire emergency buttons, and free artificial cans of smoke to test your alarm system. This is part of the full home protection we recommend in every home. We believe fire protection is one of the most important types of security you can have.

Interactive Services: 

They offer free Lifeview. We offer FREE SmartConnect, which is our interactive service for Broadband or Cellular monitoring. You can arm, disarm, check event history, watch cameras, and do other amazing things with our interactive app. You can even access our app from any computer in the world and control your alarm system!

Installation: We offer DIY or installation by professional technician upon request as well. ( Guess they forgot to put that in there too.)

Monitoring Coverage:  We offer Nationwide coverage and cover Provinces in Canada. We are an international company. Also they state they use 5 monitoring centers. As a consumer you should know that the number of monitoring stations depends on how many customers you have. So Protect America has a lot more than just one being that we’ve had more than half a million customers.

Response Time: 

We offer broadband or internet monitoring as well. This type of monitoring is known as the quickest type of monitoring being that it sends a signal to the monitoring station immediately if your internet is up and running. We also offer cellular monitoring as a back up if needed as I mentioned earlier.

Features & Updates:  LifeShield states they do updates and new features are added regularly. Their content again isn’t specific. Features and updates can only be added remotely if their updating your interactive service, which is the application to control your system. How do you update a piece of equipment without physically replacing it? Not sure, but that may be a good question to ask if you ever dare to even call LifeShield.

Wireless Equipment: They say “1st all digital wireless system. 100% wireless”. Protect America actually pioneered the first wireless DIY home security system. We have been business since 1992, that’s over 20 years! Our systems are 100% wireless and are one of the easiest home security systems to control.



Protect America is one of the only companies who offers a 100% Free lifetime warranty as long as you’re a customer. If you notice LifeShield didn’t even put their warranty information up there. This is one of the most important things to you as a customer to make sure you don’t spend much more and to protect your family’s income. They do offer an extended warranty for a certain amount of time depending on what package you get and how long you want the warranty for.

The reason we decided to really break down this information is because we know that deciding on a home security company isn’t too easy. While everyone is competing for your business, our main goal is to make home security accessible to every family and home. We know affordability and transparency are the main things when it comes to signing up for a home security company.

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