Imagine for a moment that a team of engineers that has contributed to the development of self-driving cars and helped invent Google Street View made it their mission to apply the facial recognition technology used to unlock smartphones to the home security industry. Well, this hi-tech fantasy is now a reality thanks to the innovative minds at Lighthouse AI.

Three Dimensional Sensor

The Palo Alto based startup recently released a home security camera that incorporates a three-dimensional sensor similar to those found in Apple’s iPhone X. This nifty little sensor allows the camera to identify and recognize the faces of different family members and send out push notifications to a user’s mobile device when an unknown bogey enters the premise. The real icing on the cake is that the sensor is so precise that it can even recognize the family dog and avoid false alarms!


While the facial recognition sensor is in itself enough to woo the likes of Captain Kirk, the Lighthouse camera provides round the clock live streaming in crystal clear 1080p with high-quality night vision for when the sun goes down.

Lighthouse Prices and Services

The Lighthouse camera retails for $299. This price point is indeed on the higher end of the price spectrum for home security cameras, but who can put a price on knowing that your loved ones are safe and there isn’t an intruder lurking in your front atrium?

Lighthouse AI also offers an optional AI Service subscription that’ll set you back $10/month, but this tiny add-on charge is more than reasonable given the array of upgrades it provides.

Another notable feature of the Lighthouse system is a voice-based interface for setting up alerts and perusing video – think along the lines of a voice-based virtual assistant like Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri. All you have to do is ask the device’s accompanying smartphone app questions such as, “show me video of Rufus” or “alert me if Billy isn’t home by 4 pm during the week. ” This time saver is not only convenient but also wicked easy to use.

For those out there concerned that ‘Big Brother’ is snooping in the shadows, you can rest easy knowing that your privacy is still secure. Users can set the camera to only record when they are not home and avoid any privacy issues altogether.