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According to the latest statistics from the FBI, a burglary occurs somewhere in the United States every 14.6 seconds.

This statistic is horrifying. Many in the world of home security think that is 14.6 seconds too many. They work to change that number for the better. These companies do anything from top of the line systems to 24/7 protection. Link Home Security is one of those companies aiming to give the home owner peace of mind. What do they have to offer? Why should a home owner trust Link Home Security with their homes? Protect America took it upon themselves to do some digging to find the answer. They broke down everything with:

  • Basics
  • Pros
  • Cons


What makes Link Home Security different from other home security systems? They offer two things on their website: central station monitoring and a reliable cellular system. For their central station monitoring, the security system can contact the home owner through a two-way voice panel, call in EMS when they do not respond, and even call the police for them if their home is invaded. So, whether during an emergency or a mundane day, Link Home Security promises to have the home owner’s back. The cellular system will come in handy when the internet connection goes down. They do not believe in letting the internet govern the home owner’s security system. Link Home Security also covers home security like cameras and automation.


There are seven pros to investing trust in Link Home Security. First, there are no installation or activation fees. That will help to save plenty of money in the long run. The only thing to pay for is the system itself. If the home owner is not sure if they want to stay with Link Home Security, there is 30-day risk-free trial for them to test it out. If they like the system, they purchase it to keep it longer. Link Home Security offers a takeover program if the home owner wants to change security systems. After that, there are three pricing options that the home owner can choose from. The standard, gold, and elite all come with professional monitoring and life safety at $30.99, $35.99, and $40.99 respectively. Gold and elite offer home automation. Elite will also offer HD video monitoring. Prices for features on all of the plans are the same. Once the home owner picks out their plan, there are multiple contract options that give the option of choosing from twelve to thirty-six months. Link Home Security also offers 100% wireless & cellular equipment with Z-Wave compatible equipment & technology. The crash & smash protection adds more security around the home. It all comes with a three-year lock rate. Link Home Security have left all of their customers satisfied. On top of that, there is an easy DIY set-up.



There are a couple of downsides with Link Home Security. One problem is shorter customer service hours than some competitors. According to their site, the company is open from 8am to 10pm CST Monday through Friday, 9am to 6pm CST on Saturday, and closed on Sunday. These hours might not work best for home owners who have questions about their systems. Plus, there is no landline or broadband option. Link Home Security do not rely on old-style phones or the internet to keep their system running. Everything is run by cell phones. Not too many people are savvy to those just yet. If a customer decides to go with the standard or gold plans, automated door locks, indoor cameras, outdoor cameras, and doorbell camera are not available because there is no video monitoring under these plans. Under the standard plan, light control and the app are not available. They would have to upgrade and pay more money. Also, there is no professional installation option. Link Home Security prides themselves on their customers doing it themselves. If a home owner is not too tech savvy, they are pretty much on their own. Plus, there is the three-year contract. This is more of a double-edged sword if the customer is not careful.

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