Link Interactive is an all-inclusive home security company that is known by most people for its partnership with membership-only retailer, Costco. Buying Costco security cameras and other security equipment can give consumers the opportunity to preview their equipment before buying anything, but it doesn’t mean it will necessarily be cheaper.

Along with selling the product via Costco and offering discounts for Costco Members, Link partnered with

In the home security market the space is flooded by DIY and unmonitored options, and Link is one of the few companies that is offering both. Here’s how they compare: 


DIY with Home Automation

Link is similar to other home security devices in the modern age. It operates via an app that sends text notifications and live video streams. Link combines home automation and self install home security.

The company offers thinking thermostats, smart lights, reminders, connected locks, power outage notifications, shade window controls, and others. Most parts of the home and even some appliances can be automated and work on a schedule.

With Link you can also view daily, weekly, and monthly energy use. The system can calculate estimated cost and set rules to regulate energy when it reaches a certain level, and it provides real time information. 

All the tools that Link uses are wireless and operate via cellular signal. There is a battery backup in case the system goes off for any reason, or if there’s a power outage.

The Go!Control Panel is the main operator of the equipment and it has an integrated two-way voice feature and multiple arming options. It allows up to 32 user codes to monitor 48 wireless zones and two wired zones. Through this control panel all other connected devices can be controlled as well.

They have an extensive array of the necessary home security equipment, including; door/window sensors, glass break sensors, wireless keypads, and key chain remotes. They also include safety equipment like CO and smoke detectors.

Via their partnership with, Link uses the crash and smash technology, which means that if your control panel is broken, an alert will be immediately sent to law enforcement.

Top Dollar

Link offers some great technology, monitored security, et cetera, but to really have the full reach of their system you’ll have to dish out some big bucks. 

The home automation feature is only offered to customers with gold and platinum memberships—the priciest packages. Here’s the price breakdown:

  • First Package – starts at $99.99 and includes the Go!Control panel, three wireless door/window sensors, a motion sensor, and a smoke/heat/freeze sensor.
  • Second Package – runs for $199.99 and this one includes everything in the first package plus two wave light appliance modules and a Z-Wave thermostat module.
  • Third Package – The most expensive package is at $399.99 and is the premium plus video, energy and security option. It has a wireless window/door sensors, two motion detectors, one. smoke/heat/freeze sensor, two Z-Wave light appliance modules, a Z-Wave thermostat module, and an HD indoor camera with night vision.
  • Basic monitoring is $29.99, gold is $39.99 and platinum is $44.99. Only the platinum has video monitoring, live video stream, motion activated video monitoring, and HD night vision.

Some customers have reported trouble self-installing the products, and with so many different pieces of equipment and options, choosing a package can get a little confusing and overwhelming.


Though Link is a solid offering, and customers are generally happy with the product (there have been reports of motion sensors being too sensitive and poor signal to the cell server), the package pricing does catch up. Those high upfront costs and monthly fees can’t fully be negated because Link comes in either 12 and 36 month contracts (3 years), and if you’re signing up via the Costco membership you can only choose 36 months. If families ever do choose to opt out, they will be stuck paying the remaining 100 percent of the balance for a cancellation fee.

Though Link has some great home automation technology, professional monitoring, and does offer all-inclusive home security—we suggest you avoid their large upfront costs and monthly fees. The pricing won’t be affordable for the majority of families and home security shouldn’t be an investment that drains the family financially.