With millions of home invasions occurring every year, safety is a high priority. According to the FBI news reports, there were approximately 7,919,035 property crimes in 2016…yes, nearly 8 million property crimes in one year. Burglaries dropped 4.6 %, but motor vehicle thefts increased 7.4 %. Although the rate declined, we know that if it’s us that ends up getting robbed it doesn’t matter how high or low the number is. No one wants to go through the experience of a home invasion. No matter how you look at it, the crime rate is still too high to take a relaxed approach to protecting your property and the safety of your family.

There are many reasons why a home security system is a wise investment, but here’s a quick sampling:

  • You value your property
  • Your home is your greatest asset
  • You have many valuables in your home
  • You want to protect your family
  • You don’t want your insurance to go up
  • You don’t like the idea of someone else having fun with your goodies

Raise your hand if you want to get robbed!

Let’s face it, getting robbed isn’t a pleasant thought. However, there are some great preventatives to deter a would-be home invader. One of the best deterrents is a home security monitoring system. According to Angie’s List, burglars are deterred just by knowing there is a security system. That makes a lot of sense if you think about it. If someone is trying to decide what house to rob, they will choose one where the risk of being caught is reduced.

According to police, here are safety tips when at home:

  • If you’re in the backyard, lock your front door and vice versa
  • Even when you’re home, it doesn’t hurt to keep your doors locked
  • Consider keeping your blinds/curtains closed at night so people can’t see in
  • Consider installing an alarm system
  • Have an emergency kit prepared
  • Never leave young children home alone
  • Be wary of strangers coming to your door

Finding the best home monitoring system is the first step in making sure your home is properly secured. The following are features and benefits of Livewatch Home Security.

Intrusion Sensors

Modern technology works on your behalf to sense motion and heat. That means any movement on your doors or windows and the Livewatch Home Security system will pick it up. This is helpful since you’re not just relying on cameras. You never know when someone may be out of sight of a camera. Motion sensing is important to trigger the notification alarm. In addition, when you set the system it will pick up any heat from a person moving across an area in your home. It won’t, however, pick up pets under 40 lbs.

Video Streaming

Use your smart phone or laptop while you can see exactly what’s going on in your home at all times – even in the dark. You have a complete recording of every move that takes place in your home. Furthermore, a mic allows you to pick up and send sounds. If a burglar happens to get in, he might get spooked when he hears a voice speaking to him out of nowhere! Or if you see your daughter arriving home and she forgets to lock the door, you can remind her from the comfort of your room.

Live Monitoring

The important aspect of Livewatch is that your home is being watched live at all times. That means you have more than just an alarm that makes a sound. Live agents are monitoring control panels that indicate whenever a home alarm has been tripped. When this happens, the proper authorities are contacted. The good thing about this type of system is it has multiple back up systems so you need not worry about any power failures or other unforeseen happenings.

Here’s why Protect America trumps Livewatch

Price Point

Protect America does not ask for a single cent upfront. The equipment is free and installation fees are a thing of the past since Protect America is all about DIY. The first expense that a customer will encounter is the cost of 24/7 monitoring via a landline connection at $19.99/month.


Unlike the other home security companies, Protect America does not force you to pay for equipment or features that you do not need. This is valuable since every house is unique and no two homes have the exact same demands when it comes to securing the property and protecting your loved ones.

Fast Emergency Response & Customer Service

Protect America cares about it’s customers and about creating safer communities throughout the country. They make sure someone is always available to respond right away for every customer no matter what the situation is. If an emergency happens, you can be sure Protect America will respond in seconds to make sure you and your family are safe. If you need help or even if you just have a question, you can always find someone at Protect America willing to go the extra mile to make sure your needs are met. Don’t believe me? Get a free quote on our website and see for yourself!