LiveWatch is a home security company that was founded online in 2002 by a paramedic, after spending time working with emergency services. While LiveWatch has been around for about 12 years, reading livewatch reviews  proves that their technology is still being proven in the field. Protect America has had over a decade more experience protecting people’s homes. Wouldn’t you rather trust a home security company that has been around long enough to prove their name in the industry?

LiveWatch has three packages to choose from:

  • Cellular Monitoring with Interactive Messaging
  • Mobile Pro with Interactive Messaging
  • Total Home Monitoring with Interactive Messaging


What’s to Hide?

Each of these packages can be customized. However it is difficult to see any additional costs without requesting a quote online. The LiveWatch website makes it very difficult for a customer to tell what kind of value they are receiving. Most customers like to see the prices online before they call. Be wary about any company that refuses to give transparent cost structures. The only concrete detail provided on the website is a limited time offer for a security system with only two sensors and no camera for $149. That seems a bit pricy for such a small package. Protect America offers a list of all the equipment available to you. We also include pricing for the packages offered, giving you all the adequate information needed to research which company is right for you.

LiveWatch charges high up-front fees

Up-front expenses with LiveWatch Home Security can add up quickly. It will cost you a minimum of $350 for equipment and activation. Plus monthly monitoring with mobile messaging is an additional $29.95 a month, and $35.95 a month for a more advanced option. For extra fees, you can add an option that will control the lights, thermostat, and locks in the house remotely. Additionally, you can purchase a lifetime warranty, but it will cost you an extra $50. At Protect America, there are no up-front costs. Equipment is provided for free with your purchase of monitoring for as low as $19.99 a month. Protect America also includes a lifetime warranty for free. Unlike LiveWatch, there is no additional warranty purchase necessary.

Customers Speak Out

A recent review expressed some dissatisfaction with the services and product line LiveWatch has to offer:

I signed up with LiveWatch about 5weeks ago. The experience has not been what I expected. It is hard to get somebody on the phone within ten minutes, unless you sign up, and the online chat is almost impossible. The system itself is not cheap and I am having issues with the motion detectors. The one with the camera just goes off all the time and the sensitivity has been lowered already. I just can’t use it anymore.

LiveWatch does not offer professional installation or on-site services of any kind. While Protect America emphasizes the benefits of a self-installed system, we will assist you with installation if necessary. This reviewer had multiple issues trying to set up their system with the lack of help and information LiveWatch provides:

Went through 2-3 techs and they’re customer service and knowledge was terrible. Especially, having to figure things out on my own took a lot of time and energy. Would be on the phone with them 3-4 hours and still can’t figure the best solution. They cannot deliver nor educate me on how-to’s and what to expect since this is the first time having a home security system. At this point, still beyond frustrated trying to get my home secured and safe.


Is LiveWatch a trusted name?

If you don’t know the answer to this question, there is little reason to entrust the safety of your family and property with their company. You can find mixed reviews about LiveWatch. However, there are still issues regarding consumers reporting faulty equipment and inadequate service. Consider other options like Protect America, where your safety is our number one concern.