LiveWatch is a DIY and monitored home security offering that comes from the company that used to be known as SafeMart. They’re marketed as the “Plug and Protect” company, using ASAPer mobile alert technology.

LiveWatch is similar to other DIY offerings. The product is sent to customers and they have the option of choosing where to place sensors and equipment. Unlike many DIY products on the market, LiveWatch is monitored and ensures that customers will have live responses from law enforcement and emergency responders in case of an event. So, in a market that is heavily saturated with different brands and product offerings, where does LiveWatch stand?


The Specs

LiveWatch is wireless and implores z-wave technology, so some home automation features are available with the system.  

The basic package, or “Plug and Protect Basic,” has a retail value of $499 but begins at a $99 upfront fee. This offering comes with two door sensor, one motion sensor, control panel, mobile alerts, and monitoring. The monitoring itself does have an activation fee as well of $19.95.

The higher level package, called “Plug&Protect IQ 2.0” is $599 worth of value and begins online for an upfront fee of $99. This package comes with everything the basic package has, but it’s accompanied with a larger touchscreen smart panel and a built in camera. You will also need to pay $19.95 for a monitoring activation fee.

These are the base package offerings, but it is possible to mix and match equipment as you see fit. Equipment can also be added if needed.

The monitoring comes in different tiers, starting at $29.95, followed by $34.95, then $39.95, and ending with a a total home + video option for $49.95. These are each monthly payments.

LiveWatch is equipped with Smash and Grab technology, which means that if your product is ever destroyed by a burglar an immediate alarm is sent out to authorities for response.  

The alarm itself is called ASAPer, and LiveWatch claims that they send the “ world’s fastest alerts.” They say their alerts arrive in 30 seconds. We weren’t able to prove or disprove this, but customers don’t seem to say anything on the contrary.


The Takeaway

LiveWatch has a pretty good offering, and they have very friendly cancellation policies. Customers can cancel within the first year and send the equipment back with no penalty, and if customers cancel after the first year they can actually keep their equipment.

If a customer doesn’t like their equipment and ends up returning it, they’ll receive a full refund and won’t have to worry about cancellation fees or paying the rest of the contract.

LiveWatch will also replace any system breaks for free within the first two years, and their three monitoring stations nationwide ensures they have a decent footing across the country, and they do have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

All in all, LiveWatch seems to be a pretty solid home security offering. The only downfall is high upfront costs, and pretty pricey security packages, but in a market with products that are more troublesome for consumers, LiveWatch does not seem to be a bad option.