LiveWatch Security prices are broken down by offering three protection plans: 1) Mobile Pro, $34.95/mo.; Total Home, $39.95/mo., and 3) Total Home + Video, $49.95/mo.

Each plan includes remote arm and disarm, equipment destruction protection, and Live Voice where the customer can talk directly to someone in the alarm-monitoring center.  The Total Home and Total Home+Video packages include smart phone control, home automation, location-based settings, and real-time texting alerts. The Home+Video plan comes with a free HD Camera for video capture and  live video security camera streaming.


Plug & Protect

When you select the plan, your next option is to choose the supporting equipment.  Choose from the Plug & Protect Basic and the Plug & Protect complete. Each costs $99 and includes control panels, wireless door sensors, a wireless motion sensor, a key chain remote, plus yard signs and stickers.

Select the “new” Plug & Protect Complete system, click the “Next” button, and go the “Personalize System” page. The $99 price includes a minimum number of security devices. The typical homeowner will want to go beyond the basics. For example:

  • To protect more than two door entries you’ll need to add $30. If you have a garage, you’ll definitely need this.
  • You’ll probably want to add another motion sensor to your “choke-point” hallway or vestibule in addition to your living area. If you don’t think the one motion sensor for monitoring high-traffic areas in your home is sufficient, add another for $78.
  • You will also probably want another keychain remote for your partner to control you alarm system; add another $29.


Your equipment cost is now $236. LiveWatch makes a big deal out of their $99.00 equipment costs, but fails to mention that you don’t get much coverage for that price. Having hidden fees in their service is one of the main complaints among customer LiveWatch reviews.

Click on the Checkout link and your invoice appears. Your total is $236, but does not include the $39.95 monitoring and $19.95 activation fee. They get by that omission by calling it “today’s total.Also, note that  $699 equipment cost is offset by the “Good Faith Referral” and “Homeowner Discounts” of $500. Ask yourself if you would pay $699 for those few pieces of mass-produced security equipment. Is that a fair price? If so, how can they stay in business by practically giving away equipment?


Altogether, the cost with a slightly upgraded equipment package and the mid-range monitoring for one year is $735. If you want the video HD monitoring package, add $120. On the plus side, there are no shipping charges, and you can cancel the plan and return the equipment at any time.

By the way, if you just want the “basic service” $19.95/month plan, you’ll still need to buy the equipment (with a $100 increase in equipment charges). With the basic service all you get is 24/7 monitoring, but you still get the overly generous equipment discount.