One of the first things you think of after buying a home is keeping your family safe. Home security systems are one of the best ways to make sure your home is secure. There are lots of options for you to choose from once you begin searching for a home security company. It is important to be diligent in your research because different security company’s offer many different features. You should understand every aspect of the company you decide to use because they will be the ones helping to protect your loved ones.

“Alarms and cameras may deter crime and will add a layer of security to your home.” – Portland Crime Prevention Program.


LiveWatch Security Company’s Features

Founded in 2002, LiveWatch is a wireless home security company that provides security equipment and monitoring services for homeowners and renters. LiveWatch takes a risk-free and Plug & Protect approach to home security. You can return the equipment at any time within the first year without a risk to you. Plug & Protect provides you with a home security system that is professionally configured to your home’s specifications.

All three monitoring service options, the Mobile Pro, Total Home, and Total Home + Video, come with these features:

  • Live, real-time alerts
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Remote control arm and disarm
  • Crash & Smash protection
  • Live Voice Assistance

Total Home and Total Home + Video include more enhanced features such as:

  • Home automation
  • Location-based control
  • Smart video capture
  • Live Video Streaming

Moni Security Solutions for Home Security

Moni Security offers wireless home security devices and services. You’ll receive free equipment with a service contract. Choose your cameras and sensors and then a professional technician will install your system for free. Moni Security provides some of the latest home security technology. Members can use the touchscreen control panel in conjunction with 4G LTE cellular communications.

  • 24-hour emergency protection
  • ASAPer interactive alarm alerts
  • Two-way communication through the control panel
  • 4G LTE wireless security
  • Smash & Grab protection
  • Free Equipment

More advanced features of the monitoring service include:

  • Home automation with smartphone control
  • Live and recorded video
  • Arm and disarm remotely


It is Time for a Change

When you are ready to switch from your current home security services, you should consider Protect America. Protect America is an award-winning security company for your home security needs. Intelligent devices and services are available to protect your family. Even if you already own a security system, you can easily switch monitoring services. Protect America can offer you 24/7 emergency monitoring, speedy response time, and smartphone control. One of the most important aspects of Protect America services and equipment is that there are no installation fees. The system is easy to install, but if you have a problem, the Protect America agents are available to assist you with step-by-step installation instructions. Start protecting your family and get in touch with a Protect America representative today!