When trying to decide which security company to choose, there’s a lot for a homeowner to consider. Among the options are companies that offer DIY installations, those that provide professional installation, and a number of different selections for equipment and monitoring. The goal is to get the best system at the best price — and that’s not always as easy as people would think. But fortunately, there’s a good way to find the right company to meet the needs of a particular homeowner. It all starts with comparing one company to another, until a winner is found.

What LiveWatch Security Can Offer

By using LiveWatch security, a homeowner can get a system that’s comprehensive and that will offer them everything they really need in a security system. This company is a subsidiary of Moni, so it’s operated by one of the largest home security companies available. But that’s not always a good thing.

Some homeowners have had very bad experiences with Moni and LiveWatch. Other homeowners love these companies and are very happy to work with them now and in the future.

It all comes down to what a homeowner really wants, and if they’re looking for 24/7 monitoring and quality equipment, LiveWatch will generally give them what they need.

What Do People Get With Protect America?

By working with Protect America to meet their home security needs, homeowners can get a host of good perks for their peace of mind and comfort. These include:

  • Monitoring on a 24/7 basis
  • A DIY installation that doesn’t cost a lot
  • Good quality equipment they can rely on
  • Customer service and support to answer their questions
  • A fair price for good quality coverage

While not everyone likes the idea of installing their security system themselves, professional installation through other companies can sometimes be cost prohibitive. By choosing Protect America that is avoided, and there isn’t any concern about the high cost of getting security system installation. Instead, customers can just hook up their own alarm system, and if they have questions or concerns they can call and get answers so they can continue working on their home security until it’s hooked up and running smoothly.


Is It Time to Switch?

Whether it’s time to switch away from their current security system to a different one is something every homeowner will have to consider individually. In some cases it can be a much better choice to find a different company. That’s especially true for homeowners who may be struggling with problems seen in their current system. That system could be old or outdated, or maybe the cost of monitoring has continued to rise. It’s also possible that a customer doesn’t have a monitored system yet, and it’s always better to have one that’s monitored vs. one that isn’t. The level of protection is much higher, and that can lead to a higher level of peace of mind.

Ready for a monitored security system? Reach out to Protect America today and get a free quote to get started.