Comparing security companies can help anyone who is looking for a monitored home security system find the one that’s right for them at the best price. Overall, it’s important to make sure the system offers what a homeowner needs, and for a price they feel good about. Not all companies can provide that, because they do have different offerings and benefits — and the price isn’t the same, either. Some will give a higher level of value than others, and that’s also important to make note of. There’s no reason not to compare these companies when it comes to what a homeowner wants, so they can get the company they really need and the value they expect, along with the peace of mind they want and deserve.


The Benefits of LiveWatch Security

LiveWatch Security is one of the more popular choices for homeowners who are looking for monitored home security options. It offers great options for customers, including:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • fast response times
  • high end equipment
  • good customer service
  • reliable monitoring protection

But not every customer loves this company — mostly because there are complaints about how hard it is to cancel the contract if a homeowner wants to move on to another company for any reason.

There may be high fees for getting out of a contract, and that’s not particularly surprising, but it’s about more than just the fees. It’s also about the difficulty.

Making things easier for customers is part of what LiveWatch says it will do, but not every customer feels that ease is truly the case.

What Vivint Provides to Customers

A company that’s comparable to LiveWatch is Vivint, which provides the opportunity for customer installation. That means the company won’t send an installation technician to the customer’s house, and that can mean a lower price for installation of the equipment. There’s support for customers who are installing their own systems, and it can be a good way to get a system installed fast and get the monitored security a customer really wants up and running. Customers should take this seriously, and be aware of what they can do when they install their own system. However, they should also be aware that Vivint, like LiveWatch, has complaints, and there are no systems that are perfect or trouble free.


Finding the Right Security Provider for Monitoring Needs

Among the best ways to find the right security company for home monitoring needs is to focus on what a homeowner really wants. Monitored security is a generic term for a lot of different things a company can provide, and one homeowner may not need the same thing as another one. With that in mind, though, a homeowner should focus on the things that matter to them, instead of what they "should" want. They can want or need anything, and the size of the house along with the people in it can greatly affect what a homeowner needs when it comes to monitored home security concerns.

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