Investing in a home security system for your place of residence is a great way to deter criminals from targeting your property and protecting yourself and your family. You can potentially prevent the occurrence of home invasions, robberies, theft, stalking, and even identity theft. Think about the fact that a home is burglarized at an average of one every 13 seconds. That’s a scary consideration if you don’t have some sort of deterrence and protection in place to keep your home safe.


Live home monitoring systems that integrate Smart Home technology into their equipment afford many different advantages and points of access to their consumers. This equipment can help prevent and catch any suspicious activity in their home. The ability to utilize smart locks, instant alerts, record activity and immediate contact with emergency resources from live monitoring representatives offers the edge to win out over the bad guys.

There are different types of home security systems available. Some of them include live home monitoring, which means your home is covered 24/7 by remote, professional monitoring. If an alarm goes off or if there is an emergency, you will immediately have someone contact you and/or the local authorities.

What Features are Offered in Lockdown Home Security Systems?

  • Electronic locks and keyless entry
  • Instant notifications to alert you of suspicious activity or an emergency
  • An app to offer instant and easy access to all your home security features
  • Live streaming access in HD via mobile devices to your home at various entry points and other areas
  • Sensors for windows, locks, doors, garages and any other access points
  • Floodlights and infrared technology for night vision
  • Emergency alerts for carbon monoxide and fire
  • The ability to talk, listen and speak to intruders or guests, residents or mail carriers
  • Severe temperature change alerts
  • Remote generator monitoring

How Does a Lock Down Home Security System Work?

Utilizing Electronic Locks to Deter Criminals

There are different types of electronic locks that can be considered for your home to be utilized and to work in conjunction with your live monitoring home security system.

  • Fingerprint locks with deadbolts
  • Keypad and key code locks
  • Remote-controlled locks
  • Keyless key fob entry
  • Bluetooth controlled locks


How Can Smart Home Technology Help Keep my Home Safe?

Look for these features when you begin shopping for a lockdown home security system

Great Smart Home technology-based systems should offer the ability for your home to work from one hub from everything to temperature and lighting changes to playing your music, your television and giving you reminders. Look for these features for compatibility with your home security system:

  • Z-Wave product compatibility
  • GPS
  • Bluetooth
  • Google Home
  • Alexa

Protect America’s All-Inclusive Smart Home Security Package Offers Ease of Mind

Protect America has a wide range of live home monitoring security systems and can help tailor the package that meets your specific security needs. No need to ever worry about equipment costs-with up to $1,400 in free equipment- and a lifetime guarantee on all Protect America home security equipment. They utilize the latest technology and software to ensure your home can remain monitored in any event.

DIY systems are available and easy to install. Automation via Smart Home technology features include Z-wave product compatibility, GPS tracking, a Protect America home security mobile app and much more. It’s easy to contact a home security professional to get a free quote today on your fully customizable home security system.