Most people are familiar with Logitech for their massive catalog of computer accessories, but the brand has made their mark in the home security space. And they have a good product at that. This is the Logi Circle 2 review.

The original Logi Circle camera was well received. Users found that the device was simple, effective, and along with the app, easy to use. Logitech has one-upped themselves with this second product, and the Logi Tech 2 even got smaller. It may be one of the smallest, if not the smallest security camera on the market.


What are the Product Specs?

The Logi Circle 2 costs $179 for a wired model and $199 for a wireless version. The device has retained a few features from the original model, but for the most part it has improved. Logi Circle 2 is weatherproof and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

New improvements include an upgrade in lens, from 135° to 180°, without the motorized pivot that is needed in many cameras. Logi Circle 2 still captures video in 1080hp.

The camera can be mounted to a window to record outside by using the window mount (only costs an additional $39). The mart is even a tool at combatting glare by disabling the infrared sensor and optimizing night mode to work for better low-light capture. This is the main appeal of Logi Circle 2, its ability to be mounted in just about any location.

Other potential mounting locations include walls, thanks to a thin metal rod. The wireless version is held together using a metal ball joint that gives the head of the camera an illusion of floating. There is also a weatherproof extension that extends the camera’s cables by 15 feet with a cover for the power adapter (great for outside), and a backup rechargeable battery that lasts up to three months.

Logi Circle 2 integrates with Amazon’s Alexa, allowing users to turn the camera on and off, start a recording, and live chat through voice control. Other integrations include Apple’s HomeKit.

Circle 2 retains its 24 hour free cloud storage from the original camera, and additional storage can be purchased:

  • 14 days for $3.99
  • 31 days for $9.99

Stand-Alone Cameras Aren’t Security

As we’ve covered throughout our blog, stand-alone home security cameras may be sleek and quality products—like this Logi Circle 2 device—but they can’t substitute for all encompassing home security units. They simply don’t get the entire job done.


Stand-alone cameras only send push alert notifications, meaning they aren’t monitored, and don’t alert authorities of an incident taking place in the home. You’ll have to alert of an event on your own. And with a small camera like Logi Tech, you’ll only be able to protect areas that are within sight of the camera. All other areas of the house either won’t be protected, or you’ll have to purchase more cameras.

Aside from shortcomings with connection to emergency personnel, these devices are not equipped to cover many of the other needs that home security companies cover. These include: fire, smoke, carbon monoxide, and weather protection. When it comes to home security, we suggest sticking with the pros, and the systems that are all-encompassing.