Once a burglar steps foot within a 270° range of your property, he’ll be blasted with floodlights from Ring’s new outdoor Floodlight camera. The bright lights accompanied with night vision technology are said to guarantee capturing the burglar’s image. Here is the breakdown of Ring’s Outdoor Floodlight Camera.

As opposed to other Ring surveillance cameras, this is the company’s first venture into outdoor home security cameras after launching the Ring Doorbell and Stick Up Ring camera options with wireless flood lights.


About The Camera’s Specs  

The Ring Floodlight camera is similar to many other DIY home security cameras on the market. This product connects to WiFi, sends push alert notifications, and works as a stand-alone system whose main use is in integrating with other pieces of home security equipment.

The floodlight Ring camera is priced at $249, equipped with two LED lights, 110db siren, 1080p HD camera, and operated via the Ring security system smartphone app, where users can set up activity zones, create their own schedules, and view saved video history on the cloud that can be obtained on a contract-free basis for $3 a month.

The Floodlight Ring camera also comes with 3,000 Lumen-LEDS, nearly the equivalent of a 100W incandescent light bulb, built-in night vision, and integrates and supports technology like Samsung SmartThings, Wink, and Apple’s HomeKit.

The Floodlight is also an improvement from the Ring security system Stick Up Cam. The Floodlight is 1080p HD where the Stick Up Cam was 720p, and improved from an 80° field of view to 140°, and is even equipped with facial recognition technology. This means intruder’s faces should be clearly seen, and with two-way audio features, you can yell at unwanted guests directly to get them off of your property. 

Floodlight Not Flawless

The problems with the Ring Floodlight are similar to what other products in the DIY stand-alone security camera sphere face. The products aren’t monitored, which means emergency fire, police, or medical responders won’t come to your home during an emergency, so protecting your home depends on your ability to receive and react to push alert notifications.

With the Ring motion light, the entire system is connected to WiFi, so if for any reason your WiFi goes down or you have insufficient internet connection, you’re already at a disadvantage when it comes to receiving alert notifications.


The device also doesn’t come with cloud storage, though it is priced at $3 a month, which isn’t unreasonable compared to others in the space. You can check out the Ring Floodlight cam at Home Depot if you want to check it out in person. Before you head over to ring.com you might want to read a few of their product reviews first. They don’t actually have any customer reviews on ring.com, but there are plenty of website where you can read consumer reviews about their products if you want to get an idea of how high customer satisfaction is.

Since the Ring Floodlight camera is an outdoor product, to get the full use of the device, customers will have to use it as one piece of an all-in-one home automation system. This means customers will have to purchase a number of different products and connect them all together. This type of solution doesn’t seem so reasonable for purchasing a stand-alone outdoor camera, when an entire security system that is all-encompassing can be purchased for a fraction of the price.

Though products like the wireless flood lights camera seem convenient and get one tiny aspect of the job done, we suggest sticking with the pros and opting for all-encompassing home protection so that you are truly protected. You’ll never regret having full security coverage, but you won’t be happy when a burglar attacks your home and the Ring Floodlight camera doesn’t alert police of a burglary event.