Home security systems are no longer limited to traditional landline-based solutions. Today, choose from wireless home security providers as well as the ability to build a security system on your own with a DIY method. Choosing a wireless home security provider such as Lorex is one way to ensure you are capable of protecting your home even if you do not currently have a landline connection. Before settling on Lorex as your sole home security provider, it is important to compare and review your options before solidifying your choice.


Did you know that most break-ins throughout the US occur between 10AM and 3PM?

Homes without a visible security system are 300% more likely to become the target of burglars than homes with a system currently in place.

Advantages of Lorex Wireless Security Systems

Lorex wireless security systems are optimal for both residential and commercial customers. With Lorex, there are a few features to keep in mind when shopping for a new system that are extremely beneficial such as:

  • Customers have the ability to choose from a wired, wireless, or IP-based home security system setup, depending on your property’s needs and current wiring. More choices provide additional flexibility when building a home security system that is not offered by every provider on the market.
  • Lorex is not limited to servicing the US. Currently, Lorex offers service to the US, Canada, and even UK markets.
  • Skype integration is easier than ever with the use of Lorex home security systems. Utilizing Skype with your home security system helps to add another layer of protection to your home or business, even when you frequently travel or find yourself on-the-go most days.
  • A monitor is also included with each home security package from Lorex. With a monitor in-hand, keep an eye on your home at all times and adjust features such as brightness, sound, and the overall look of your monitor’s picture with ease.

Limitations of Lorex

While Lorex offers the ability to choose between IP, wired, or wireless security solutions, there are a few limitations from the company itself such as:

  • Limited choices when utilizing Android and iOS systems. Not all current and updated Android or iOS systems are compatible with Lorex, which is why it is necessary to conduct thorough research regarding your desktop and smartphone systems before investing in a system provided by Lorex. Some of today’s latest updates to both Android and iOS devices are simply unusable with the Lorex home security system.
  • Customers are limited in the number of cameras they are able to add to their home security system. Currently, the Lorex wireless security system is only capable of running a maximum of 4 cameras simultaneously, which is extremely limiting to customers in search of a more robust and complex home security solution.
  • Poor customer service is also reported regarding Lorex Wireless Security. Customers complain of a lack of response and the inability to change or cancel security services even when equipment or cameras are not working properly.


Choosing a Monitored Home Security Solution

When you want to ensure the safety and protection of your household at all times, consider a monitored home security company that offers 24/7 monitoring. 24/7 monitoring provides peace of mind not available with a DIY monitoring solution. With a 24/7 monitoring solution, relax and keep your mind at ease as local authorities are contacted immediately whenever an alarm is triggered or set in your home. Monitored home security solutions are helpful as they automatically record and store video using a hard drive of your choice or by uploading the recorded data to the cloud, where it is accessible at any time.

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