Struggling to overcome the trauma caused by home invasions and burglaries is never easy and extremely taxing emotionally. In order to truly have peace of mind when protecting your home, choosing a home security company you can rely on is a must. Lorex Wireless Security is a large company that provides video monitoring solutions to both residential and commercial customers throughout the US, the UK, and even Canada. Before you choose Lorex as your wireless security provider, weigh the pros and cons of what the provider has to offer regardless of the type of security system you have in mind for your home and family.


While burglaries continue to decrease in the US due to enhanced home security systems, there are still approximately 7.9 million property crimes occurring annually on average throughout the country.

Features of Lorex Wireless Security

Lorex is available to both residential and commercial customers, providing maximum flexibility regardless of the security system you plan to install. With Lorex, choose between wired, wireless, or even IP-based security cameras to build any type of home security system you envision. While traditional plans available from Lorex offer two home security cameras, it is possible for customers to easily expand their package with added equipment and accessories to fit any budget while building a security system for properties of any size.

Pros of Lorex

Some of the most notable advantages of choosing Lorex home security as your sole provider include:

  • Some systems have SD card recording capability, which is optimal for customers who are interested in opting out of DVR and cloud-based solutions. However, Lorex also offers DVR solutions for a more modern approach to home and commercial security.
  • Customers have the option to expand and build on their home security system, allowing you to implement new accessories and equipment as you see fit.
  • Lorex is compatible with Skype, helping you to stay connected with your system and home at all times.
  • A monitor is included with Lorex home security systems, allowing you to view all cameras throughout your home with a touch of a button.


Cons of Lorex

Although Lorex has a longstanding reputation with both commercial and residential customers, there are a few drawbacks to using their service. Keep these issues in mind before choosing Lorex as your home security company and provider:

  • Customers are limited to a total of 4 cameras throughout the home when using a monitor to watch and observe areas. With a limit of 4 cameras, it is not always possible to cover your entire property.
  • Lorex is currently only compatible with Windows desktop computers. Unfortunately, it is not possible to utilize Lorex with your home computer if you are using a Macintosh. It is also not possible to use the Skype app if you are using Apple computers and devices, which limits the overall function of your home security system with Lorex.
  • Lorex is heavily dependent on the use of traditional power outlets, making it extremely challenging to maximize the use of your system if you are experiencing a power outage (where there is more risk of potential burglaries and break-ins).
  • Customers are not always satisfied with the level of customer service they receive from Lorex. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to get in touch with an agent when you are in need of assistance or want to implement additional equipment and accessories into your current home security system.

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