A home security system is a strong deterrent to criminals and burglars to prevent break-ins, home invasions, and robberies. Did you know that over two million homes are broken into annually around the United States? Having an active, live-monitored home security system in place can help prevent your home from becoming part of that statistic. Without one, your home may be more susceptible to criminal targeting.


Knowing what kind of home security system you need can become a frustrating and expensive process. You want to consider the size of your home and evaluate your security needs overall. Consider your neighborhood and the rate of break-ins, as well as the valuables stored in your home. The most basic of systems include security cameras and many of them coordinate with apps that you can use on your mobile devices to view your home while you are away. Some even allow you to listen and speak remotely.

Four Key Features of a Great Home Security System

Besides cameras, the best home security systems will have the following:

  • Instant alerts to your mobile devices
  • Live security monitoring
  • Built-in sensors and floodlights, or infrared night vision technology
  • Emergency alerts for flooding, carbon monoxide, and fire

When you begin looking at security cameras, Lowe’s has a ton of security camera options. Below are some of the top security camera options that you can find at Lowe’s.

Home Security Cameras Available at Lowe’s

These are the top-rated home security systems according to customer reviews

  • The Nest system comes complete with two security cameras that can be used in or outdoors and are completely weatherproof. The system is powered by standard electricity, so it doesn’t require battery changes. If activity is detected, an instant alert is sent to your phone and through the software, you can talk and listen. The camera’s amenities include a 130-degree wide-angle view, 8 LED lights with infrared night vision and 1080p HD view. Self-installation is a breeze with the included magnetic mount. For an additional monthly fee, you can utilize the Nest Aware app, which offers many other security viewing options. Each camera purchased includes a free trial of the service. Lowe’s customers give the system a five-star rating.
  • Swann outdoor camera system is an expandable surveillance system with 1080p full HD video resolution that allows you to record from 8 channels for over 2 months of motion detection footage that can be transferred to an external hard drive. View on your HDTV or LCD screen or straight from your phone or other mobile devices via SwannLink easy network software.
  • For a wireless camera option, try the Ring Wi-Fi standard surveillance camera system. This wireless camera comes equipped with a motion-activated floodlight to illuminate when it senses movement by the camera. Motion activation will alert you immediately on your smartphone or tablet. You also can see and communicate with anyone that steps on your property.


Other Best Home Security Camera Options

Protect America’s All-Inclusive Home Security Package Saves Time and Money

Protect America’s mobile home security system and coordinating app is a simple and cost-efficient home security system that is easy to use- and easy to install. A home security professional will help you to build the right package for your security needs. Customers that purchase a Protect America security system have a lifetime guarantee on their equipment, live 24/7 monitoring, a home security app, up to $1,400 in free equipment, automation, GPS tracking and Smart Home Z-wave product compatibility.  If you’re interested in learning more about their security systems, contact them for a free quote today.