While most homeowners are more concerned about their home at night or when leaving for vacations, many of them are not too concerned after leaving for their 8-hour work shift. However, that is an ideal time, and the opportune moment, for criminals to burglarize a home. According to Forbes Magazine, in 2016, there were 764,606 home burglaries in the U.S., and 486,000 of those burglaries occurred during the day!


Lowes Values the Do-it-yourself Customer

With a Lowes Security System, a homeowner has a great opportunity to secure their home at a reasonable cost, as well as having the convenience of purchasing the equipment within their neighborhood. Creating a safer and secure home has never been easier with today’s advanced technology. In addition, many do-it-yourself installations have the support of the manufacturer for ensuring the products are correctly installed. A home monitoring system is still preferred; however, a Lowes Security System is efficient enough to provide the type of security needed to keep burglars away.

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Secure Living from a Reliable Source

Home living can be safer and secure with Lowe’s smart products. Smart products and smart home automation systems allow a homeowner to have the capability to control their security from a smartphone. There are several security systems available at Lowes that offer the type of smart technology homeowners want. And there are countless ways to bring security to a home and have peace of mind. In fact, Lowes has its own home security products, called Iris. Iris products vary in features and benefits; however, there is something for just about every homeowner that is sufficient to keep their home secure. Interested in monitored home security for peace of mind? Get a free quote without any obligation from Protect America!

Homeowners can create their own security system with the following Lowes Iris products:

  • Iris Smart Hub
  • Iris Security Pack
  • Iris Automation Pack
  • Iris Lighting Pack
  • Iris Pro Monitoring Kit

Lowes Iris is also compatible with the latest product that has swept the nation – Amazon Echo! Homeowners can use their current Amazon Echo to integrate all smart products through the Iris smart hub! That’s a cost saving as well as a spectacular way to be creative with an Iris Home Security System!


Lowes Offers High-end Options

Nest Home Security products are also available at Lowes. Nest products are a great alternative to Iris if a homeowner is looking for a product that is more stylish and sophisticated. Many homeowners choose Nest because of its streamlined and unique design. The do-it-yourself home security system can be purchased individually for the following items:

  • Outdoor Wireless Weatherproof Camera
  • Indoor 1080p HD Camera
  • Nest Guard (hub)
  • Nest Detects (sensors)
  • Nest Tags (arm/disarm keys)
  • Nest Video Doorbell
  • Nest Secure Home Automation Security Pack

Nest home security products are easy to install and very compatible with many third-party devices. Although Nest is considered to be on the high-end price range for a home security system, Lowes has a wide variety of Nest products to provide customers with the choices to customize their home security system, rather than purchase a bundle package directly. An additional security option that interest a lot of homeowners is having a remote control thermostat. Lowes has a selection of Wi-Fi thermostats that are compatible with most smartphones. The thermostat products include Nest Learning, Nest 2nd Generation, and Nest 3rd Generation.

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