Honeywell is known for their top-notch technology. Few lists of the best security systems do not include a Honeywell product, if not more than one. Honeywell has evolved once more with the Lyric Home Security system. The Lyric Lock is the new brainchild that is made to keep a constant eye on a home allowing their consumers to feel safe, night or day.


Optimal Overview

Breaking down the basics often make the more significant tasks feel easy.

  • The Lyric Controller is the link between home security automation with an easy-to-use interface.
  • The security system can access the functions using Wi-Fi and internet connections to check on homes or alerts in real time.
  • Security to enter a home is through wireless keys and wireless keypads. 
  • The assortment of sensors not only alerts by motion. But, also smoke and combustion detectors are placed along with carbon monoxide warnings.
  • Each sensor does it job and sends a homeowner or a customized group to alert to any triggering events. In the case of an emergency, alerts go out to the local authorities.

Spectacular Specs

  •  Customization arming is key to a top of the line security system. By using away, or stay when inside to secure the home, the worry of safety is no longer an issue. The user is also able to select specific doors and windows to arm.
  • Police and fire are a must add to any panel. Wireless keys and keypads contain a panic button for the homeowner to use in times of distress.
  • In case of false alarms, voice to voice with the monitoring station is possible. Questions or emergencies also are made easier with the vocal exchanges.
  • The Lyric Lock responds to voice control. Honeywell remains one of the latest technology providers in the home security field.
  • The touchscreen of a Lyric Home Security system enables to user to learn about the weather, news, and the state of current traffic.
  • The very last thing a Lyric Home Security does it take a still photograph when anyone disarms the system.

Maintaining Lyric

Maintenence is made easy with for the Lyric Controller. But, as with everything, it is required to keep it at optimal protection.

Testing the system weekly is the best practice. No one wants to be caught off guard when any security system is not arming correctly.


Always check the system after an alert becomes cleared. Getting stuck after activation will affect its effectiveness.

The cleaning and care of the Lyric Home Security system are simple.

  • Doors and windows with sensors should never be slammed shut.
  • Check the touchscreen and sensors for dust. No one enjoys dusting. But, motion sensors, fire sensors, and carbon monoxide sensors will not work at its highest level of performance with dust accumulation.
  • When clearing dust and debris from the touchscreen and sensors, using a dry cloth is the only way to go. Cleaning fluids and even water will do damage to the system and components.
  • The touchscreen is like any other. Fingerprints leave their imprints with oily or dusty remnants. Checking it every week keeps the touchscreen healthy.

“When the security system is armed, system event notifications will cancel the cleaning mode and return the system to normal operations. When the system is disarmed, only certain notifications will                        cancel cleaning mode.”

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