Matson Alarm Company was founded in 1974 by Larry and Mike Matson. Their headquarters is located in Fresno, California. Matson Alarm is the largest locally owned and privately held alarm company in Fresno and its immediate surrounding area. Matson Alarm Company has some different aspects about it than some of the other alarm companies out there, including a customizable contract. However, the length of the contract determines the price of your bill. With the high upfront costs, their competitive pricing isn’t the best on the market!


Packages & Pricing

Matson Alarm offers a basic package that uses Honeywell equipment. This system is 100% wireless and can be customized based on your home security needs.  The basic system comes with:

  • 1 central panel
  • 3 door/window sensors
  • 1 motion sensor
  • Key fob

These items are included in the base package that goes for $34.99 a month. Matson Alarm lets you choose what length of contract you want, providing you a different rate depending on the length of contract that you prefer. The longer the contract, the lower the pricing. For example, the base package price of $34.99 a month is specifically for customers who wish to have a one year contract. For a two year contract, the price drops to $29.99 a month. With a three year contract, the rate drops to $24.99 a month. All length of contracts with these prices are competitive, no doubt. However, they each come with an up-front price tag of about $199 out-of-pocket.

On the other hand, Protect America charges as low as $19.99 a month in monitoring fees and all your equipment comes free with a 36-month contract. In addition to free equipment, installation is guided, DIY, and free as well! You can customize each package with the equipment that will specifically fit your needs in your home. Consider Protect America, where you can defend both your home and your wallet!

Equipment Information

When choosing a home security system, it is important to have options. Many people choose the convenience of a wireless system, but if your home already has an existing system, it would obviously be best to utilize the wiring and/or sensors you have already. Hardwired systems are very robust and often desired over wireless systems because they involve very little maintenance. However, for the most part, wireless systems are easy to use. Matson still only offers professional installation. This is good news for some people who have the time and money to have a technician come out and install something.


For those of us with very little free time and a budget, you may prefer  DIY installation. This is the free and simple option offered by Protect America. This way, you don’t have to set aside any time for anyone to come to your home and set the system up. At Protect America, we we’ll guide you over the phone with our professionally trained installation technicians… so that you can do it in the comfort of your home in your own time. Honeywell’s Lynx 5100 only offers the option for wireless use. Other security systems are considered more versatile.

Customer Service & Warranty

Matson Alarm is a good company in many aspects. However, their customer service is considered limited. Consider a home security company that will meet and exceed your expectations as far as customer service goes. Protect America provides excellent customer service over the phone and in the phone of an online chat if you do not wish to make a phone call. With a warranty, there is no mention of a guarantee for Matson Alarm products on the company’s website, so be sure to ask a customer service representative about how long these products are covered for damage. On the other hand, Protect America offers a lifetime warranty on products in your home security system.

At Protect America, your safety is our number one concern. Consider calling us today!