Matson Alarm offers a complete security solution for both smart security and home automation. Despite their technology, however, they seem to lack a solid customer service department. Online reviews are littered with complaints regarding unprofessional installers, additional costs, and erratic equipment. 

Alarm Reviews 2018

An Incredible Number of Negative Reviews

Many security companies have some negative reviews, but Matson Alarm is an exceptional case. Matson Alarm has quite a few negative reviews posted, including complaints that:

  • Sales representatives have quit in the middle of servicing a contract.
  • Installation employees have drilled holes that were not necessary.
  • Alarms repeatedly blow false alarms. 
  • Customers were "nickled and dimed" on additional charges.
  • Monitoring services may not actually be monitored.
  • Promising support in areas that were not supported. 

But that’s not all. They have also been extremely unprofessional when responding to customer complaints. One customer complained, "I called to get a quote today. The sales man sounded high as a kite. He quoted me far above market rate. The man I spoke with refused to transfer my call to another representative. I guess my money is no good here." Instead of simply responding to their inquiry, Matson Alarm accused the customer of being "inappropriate."

Official Reviews Note High Prices

Matson Alarm has about average prices for its monitoring services, but it does have some high cancellation costs. When cancellation does occur, customers need to pay the remaining balance of their system in full. Contract lengths can vary depending on the client.


Employees Aren’t Happy Either

In addition to the bad customer service and high prices, very few employees were happy with their time at Matson, giving the company a 2 out of 5 star rating on Glassdoor. Employees noted that the family owned company tended to create a hostile working environment, which is something that can be seen in their online comments as well. Matson Security was accused of being unprofessional, with yelling and cursing regularly occurring in the work environment. Further, it was noted that the business owners would complain about customers in front of their employees — a sure way to generate apathy and make it so that employees aren’t trying to do their best.

With a quick review of, well, the reviews, it appears that Matson Security isn’t the security solution of choice for most customers. Matson Security needs to improve upon its customer service and respond professionally to complaints before it can be considered trustworthy.

If you’re looking for the best in customer servicand state-of-the-art technology, don’t call Matson Security; call Protect America today.