Maximum Security Systems, not to be confused with Maximum Security, has been around since 1983. At first, the company partnered with more established security companies like ADT and Protection One providing services to those customers. Over time, the business grew, and Maximum Security Systems established independence and clientele.


What Are Security Options Available from Maximum Security Systems?

Maximum Security Systems offers more than just protection – they also install and maintain phone systems, intercoms, and even central vacuum systems. Using these services for protection is a bit of a stretch, but they do have three options to help in that area.

Important Note: There are no descriptions of the products or services the company offers. There’s a picture of what you could be purchasing, but nothing more – not even prices!

  • Alarm – May be a digital system with an LCD control panel.
  • Camera – High wall mounted security cameras, most often associated with businesses.
  • Access Control – Key card entry systems.

The Maximum Security Systems website doesn’t mention monitoring. It looks like the company offers the systems, but not the link to representatives in the case of an emergency. Customers may be able to use the hardware with other monitoring companies, but there’s no reference to that and self-monitored systems are not as secure as professional monitoring.

What if you find yourself locked in the bathroom during a break-in, with no means of calling for emergency services?

Permits and Maximum Security Alarm Systems

Maximum Security Systems shares online access to user manuals, emergency notification sheets, and online service requests. Also on the page are applications for police permits.

According to Los Angeles and Santa Monica California police departments when an alarm system is installed in your home, a permit is required and must be posted near the front door where an officer can see the permit upon arrival.

As of August 2018, the price for the initial permit application is about $50. The renewal fee is $20 less. The big cost comes if the police respond to your residence on a false alarm. The fee for each false alarm is $216. After the first false alarm, an additional $50 charge is added each time.


Comparing Maximum Security Systems With Protect America

Not two security system companies will ever be identical, but the differences between Protect America and Maximum Security Systems is a bit wider than usual. Based on the official websites:

Maximum Security Systems

  • No hardware details.
  • No information on system options.
  • No prices listed.
  • No mention of complete system installations.
  • No mention of smart home or Google Assistant/Amazon Alexa integration.

Protect America

  • Complete hardware details.
  • Detailed information on system options.
  • Prices listed for hardware and packages.
  • Complete system installs and monitoring available.
  • Fully integrates with smart home products, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant. Why Protect America is a Better Choice

Maximum Security Systems has been around for more than three decades, but the hardware offered appears dated, as does the company website. Protect America makes it a point to stay on top of advancing security technology, so you get top-of-the-line protection 24/7.

Other benefits of Protect America include:

  • Free equipment
  • Locked-in rate
  • No installation fee
  • Price match guarantee
  • Affordable monitoring
  • 9-time winner of the Consumer’s Digest Best Buy award

If you’re interested in a monitored security system in your home – get a free quote from Protect America today!

Protect America was established 10 years after Maximum Security Systems, but as technology advanced offering better protection and safer homes, Protect America kept up where Maximum fell behind. But, what’s even more critical is that Protect America is transparent – giving you all the information you need to decide from the start.