Automation has become more than a trend. It is now a lifestyle. Home security systems were one of the first automated systems to find their ways into homes. But, their progression has been constant, and the evolution continues every year.


So Many Upgrades, So Little Cost

  • Connected Lightbulbs – Lighting systems are relatively new to the automation field. However, Mediacom Home Security allows customers to upgrade their systems to include the energy efficient way to light a home.
  • Detectors – Smoke, carbon monoxide, and moisture sensors are no longer battery reliant or as easy to set off as the old school alarms that are dust catchers and habitually throwing false alarms when dinner goes awry.
  • Sensors Everywhere – Window, door, air quality, etc. are easily installed so that when you are away, no house cat burglars play. Smartphones have made monitoring home and family as comfortable as an app. If and when something moves or someone comes and goes, the alerts are automatic.

How To Keep Them Out

Mediacom Home Security offers packages that are a steal. The featured offer includes a touchscreen control system, internet security router, three sensors for either doors or windows, a motion detector, window decals to plaster on windows as a warning, and the yard sign that should keep the bad guys away.

  • Touchscreen control systems – Vending machines, hotel check-ins, and a variety of other services are provided by patrons using touch screen control systems.  Home alarm systems now come with the same bells and whistles. The touchscreen makes it easier to set status at home and away, and program the temperatures that best suit home and family.
  • Door sensors are new to automation. However, curtain and window sensors have become a regularly requested addition. Too many invasions happen through a window portal. If the magnet sensor on the window fails, the curtain sensors pick up the slack.
  • Motion Detectors – The local have-it-all store likely has motion detectors in stock. However, relying on a company that is not well known could lead it not working as intended, or worse. The better quality, the better the protection is for homes and family units.
  • Window Decals and Yard Signs – Home invasions come in all shapes and ages. The deterrents may seem superficial, but they could be the thing that keeps someone from breaking an entering.

Why Mediacom?

Mediacom takes home protection, seriously. The equipment and technology evolve every year.  With each upgrade, homeowners can feel safer in their home, or when away for an extended period.

Mediacom’s 24-hour, UL-certified central monitoring station with a professional emergency response team ups the ante and keeps a homeowner feeling relaxed about their home’s protection.

Home automation is the present and the future. Every year, a new generation of automation technology is released.  Home security systems grow in their reach. If a homeowner is out of town, they can check the status of their sensors from a country away. Even if a parent wanted to peek in to make sure their child was home on time, the ability to monitor grows each year.

Personization is essential when approaching any new addition to the family home. Mediacom’s Home Controller is not the standard security system phone app.  The regular updates give the user more options to protect and monitor their homes.  Setting up the automated actions is literally in the palm.

Mediacom Communications Corporation is the 5th largest cable operator in the U.S. serving almost 1.4 million customers in smaller markets primarily in the Midwest and Southeast. Mediacom offers a wide array of information, communications and entertainment services to households and businesses, including video, high-speed data, phone, and home security and automation.

You can get to your Mediacom router login at the Home Network Manager address here:

Why Not Mediacom?

Although Mediacom has begun offer home security, that is not their main business focus. Mediacom is a cable company, first and for most. While they are a large cable company, they are not offered everywhere. Their main territories are the Midwest and parts of the south, with Iowa, Minnesota and Missouri being their primary states of business.

When you are trying to secure your home, trusting a company that specializes in home protection is important. Rather than using a cable company, trusting a home security company that has been in business for more than 20 years can make a huge difference. Nothing is more important than protecting yourself or your loved ones, which means you should choose a company that not only has the expert experience of protecting homes but remains on the leading edge of home automation.


Protect America takes pride in their ability to help answer a variety of questions that may arise. They will also walk through the installation of a home security system if the instructions on DIY friendly. Assisting customers for 25 years, they look forward to continuing for another 25 years.