So You Need a Mini Cam

In addition to house-wide security needs, there are some instances when a mini camera is the way to go. Whether you are concerned about the behavior of an employee or even a family member, a mini cam can help you to survey the situation without alerting the other party to your concerns. Mini cameras come in many different shapes and sizes, from the more conventional “nanny cam” to spy cams that are hidden within a typical looking alarm clock.


While we don’t condone spying on anyone, especially if your intent is to catch them in a compromising position, mini cams do have their place in the home security system world.

Whatever your motivation, these five minis are all great options for discreet, hidden, or just small camera needs. We didn’t include one of the alarm clock cameras, for information on that device you’ll have to check out our James Bond-inspired product roundup.

Five Mini Home Security Options for 2018

These five mini cameras are all a great option if you are looking for a stealth recording device. In addition to your “nanny cam” purchase, you may want to consider a more typical home security system, whether you need a DIY kit or a full-service monitoring security system provider. For now, let’s take a look at the top five mini cams for 2018:

  • Speco Technologies Conical Pinhole Bullet Camera is a good option if you are looking to scope out an entire room. The small, bullet-shaped camera can be inserted into a ceiling tile or within any sheetrock, depending on your needs.
  • The Titathink TT520 HD camera connects right to your wifi to give you real-time powers of observation. It contains its own motion detection sensor and can also send you a digital alert upon activation.
  • PHYLINK’s wireless cam with digital alerts also offers a multi-zone motion detection and is compatible with an SD card up to 128GB (the card, however, is not included).
  • The Astak CM-A815 offers a bit more power than some of the other options, and also requires a base station which makes it a bit more tricky in covert situations. If you are only looking to surveil one room in your home, this is a great option.
  • If you are more concerned with the mini aspect of the camera, rather than the potential spy features, the Angel Eye Mini DVR Camera makes recording on the go, or keeping tabs on your child or bet a breeze. While it is small, it is not designed to be hidden.

Whatever your needs or purpose for purchasing a mini cam, these five are the best of the bunch. Keep reading if you are also in need of full-home security system or are ready to upgrade your current DIY kit to something more expansive and professional.


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