Settling on a security system can feel daunting and overwhelming at times, especially as it is one of the most important home investments you can make for you and your family. In 2016, property crimes throughout the US totaled a loss of more than $15.6 billion dollars by those directly affected. However, burglars have openly admitted that they are most likely to be deterred when a home security system is spotted before they attempt to commit a break-in or theft. Understanding the benefits of a home alarm system and security monitoring is essential when seeking the best route to take for an additional layer of protection in and outside of your own home. This is a complete guide and breakdown of Moni Security prices.


Moni Security Plans and Packages

Moni security offers a wide range of monitoring services depending on the size of your home and the type of home alarm system you are interested in for your household. With Moni Security, select from various packages based on your budget as well as the amount of equipment you are seeking to install throughout your property. Some of the features Moni Security has to offer include:

  • 24/7 monitoring services with the ability to contact and alert emergency responders anytime
  • Two-way voice smart panels and access control panels
  • 4G LTE wireless security service
  • Motion sensors (ideal for both doors and windows)
  • Key sensors and key FOBs for easier accessibility whenever you want to access your home or its alarm system

Upfront Activation Fees

Upfront activation fees are not always required by a security company, but they are not entirely uncommon. In some cases, Moni Security offers free installation, especially for larger install jobs that demand higher monthly service rates. However, for those interested in a basic package, Moni Security requires an additional $99 installation fee along with potential activation fees if you are a first-time company. It is essential to inquire about potential installation fees and other upfront charges you may be faced with before signing an agreement or choosing a security provider you feel most comfortable with personally.


Lengthy Contracts and Climbing Monthly Rates

When you are choosing a home security company it is likely that you are searching for a long-term fit. With Moni Security, lengthy contracts can be difficult to work with, especially if you are unsure of how you feel about the overall level of protection you receive from a service. Most new customers of Moni Security are required to sign a three-year contract in order to begin receiving service. Additionally, those who choose Moni Security are also subjected to potential rising rates, even after signing an agreement.

Looking to make the right decision with your investment in home security? Protect America is here for you and available to guide you through the process of selecting equipment and a plan that is ideal for any budget you currently have in place. Visit today for your free quote and to learn more about all of the options available to you prior to selecting a home alarm company you can truly trust and rely on for years to come.