A home security system that is monitored 24/7 is an important feature to protect one’s home, belongings, and family. If one is on the fence about whether or not to purchase a monitored home security system, read Home Security Systems: Pros & Cons.


However, if they are shopping for a system now, there are a few things they should know about Moni Security Systems before they buy their system.

Moni Security Systems: Who are they?

Moni Security Systems began their career of home and corporate security as Monitronics. However, if one click on the “website” button on the BBB (Better Business Bureau) it will land on the Brinks Home Security website. That is because Monitronics became Moni Security Systems which then bought xxx and became Brinks.

The company’s name changed when it obtained the branding rights for the “Brinks” name. However, do not get it twisted, this review is for its former incarnation only.

The Pros of Moni Security Systems

In the few positive reviews that Moni Security Systems received, the majority were proclaiming the joys of a new installation. A couple people reported having a delightful experience throughout the setup of their Moni system and a few more lauded the app control feature. Conversely, there were just as many negative reviews saying that the app was buggy and unreliable.

The Cons of Moni Security Systems

It is never fun to point out the failings of a company, or a person for that matter. However, it is essential that people have a clear picture of what every home security company can really do for them. To that end, Moni Security Systems seems to be weighed heavily to the Cons side.


This section is adjustable depending on the how the reviews lean. Landing in the “Cons” section does not bode well for Moni Security Systems. The “Reviews” section is here because the vast majority of the reviews for this company are negative.

At Reviews.org, they received only two and a half stars out of a possible total of five stars. While some may consider that a neutral rating, it is 50 percent or less of all the people who commented. Anywhere else, 50 percent is considered an “F.”

The primary complaint listed on Reviews.org and BBB is horrendous customer service. They reported that emails and calls were going unanswered. Also, when components of the system did not work properly – which seemed to be often – there was no response and endless calls with at least four transfers to different people.

Finally, there are complaints that the 24/7 monitoring that Moni Security Systems promised did not seem to exist. Alarms, sirens, and lights would go off due to malfunction and the company would not call or respond at all.

As the person who started a petition to shut Moni Security Systems down stated on the petition page, “my family could have been dead because of their negligence.”

That sums up the sentiment of most of the complaints about Moni Security Systems.


Petition to Shut Moni Down

Yes, Moni Security Systems has made one person so angry that they started a petition to get them to be shut down. While only five people signed the petition, the fact that six people were that dissatisfied says a lot about the company.

Bottom Line

A reliable home security system is important. Unfortunately, based on the reviews about Moni Security Systems, it seems anything but reliable. Protect America – on the other hand – offers reliable 24/7 professional monitoring that is backed by an A- rating from the BBB.

With friendly helpful customer service reps who are knowledgeable about home security, Protect America received nearly four out of five stars in its composite score. They have proven to be reliable and stalwart regarding the security of homes, property, and family.

There are many reasons why Protect America is considered a smart choice. Among them are:

  • No Installation Fees – not now not ever!
  • Dependable 24/7 professional monitoring
  • Easy to operate affordable home security for as little as $30 per month
  • Free equipment with a value of as much as $1,400
  • Locked-in Rate: A unique element in the home security industry
  • Price match guarantee: If there is a better deal for your needs, Protect America will match it!
  • Consumers Digest Best Buy winner nine times!

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