Although ADT may be a name more nationally recognized, popularity doesn’t always equate the best security bet. In fact, smaller security equipment providers may be just as reliable and offer lower rates. One company you can compare to ADT is Monitronics, also frequently referred to as MONI Security.

ADT and MONI Security Similarities

Both ADT and MONI follow a similar customer service protocol. When new clients call, a representative will take down basic information before forwarding the call to a local service provider. A local representative will take additional information from you to find out your security wants and needs. Both providers will present you with a variety of security options based on your budget and requirements. Both providers have basic services at a low entry-level price as well as packages with advanced features.


MONI Security Highlights

One feature that may lead you to choose MONI Security over ADT is the company typically offers a lower basic feature plan than ADT. You are also given more of a choice than ADT over whom you select as your authorized dealer. Another benefit is that you can usually receive pricing over the phone from MONI to review total security costs. Typically, ADT requires an in-home consultation before providing any pricing information. Another standout feature of MONI is the inclusions in their most comprehensive package. Not only are security meets met, but also for a flat monthly fee, you can setup home automation services. Additional inclusions in this plan are carbon monoxide monitoring, water testing, indoor camera, two-way voice, garage door control, and much more.  

ADT Highlights

Although MONI is a strong contender in the security industry, ADT does have an established presence since the company was founded more than 150 years ago. Due to their large client base, they are able to offer special deals such as free installation and no start-up costs. ADT also provides options for home automation, video monitoring, carbon monoxide/smoke detection, and more.


Additional benefits of ADT include the following:

  • Money back guarantees
  • Lifetime equipment protection
  • Additional window and door sensors

Keep in mind that MONI is consistently adding new equipment pieces and features to stay competitive. The provider is a good option if you’re looking for a reliable company with innovative products and cost-friendly service packages. On the other hand, ADT has a few features that MONI does not currently offer. For instance, ADT can typically offer services to renters. They also help facilitate equipment relocation when you move to a new property.

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