Many homeowners are aware of the value of installing a home security system. Fortunately, there are many companies in the home security industry that offer packages to homeowners at affordable prices. Moni Security and LifeShield Security are two examples of such companies. If you’re interested in getting a home security system, here is some information about the companies Moni Security and LifeShield Security.


What Is LifeShield Security?

LifeShield Security is a company that offers home security systems to homeowners. The main objectives of this home security company are to eliminate middlemen, improve efficiency, and reduce the cost of home security for customers.

What Is Moni Security?

Moni Security was founded in 1994 and since then, it has provided home security systems to over 1 million customers. This company offers multiple packages and high quality equipment. Operators working for Moni Smart Security are CSAA-certified. To get this certification, the operators had to complete 96 hours of training in the classroom and eight weeks of on-hands training for monitoring.

The Good

LifeShield Security is one of the most innovative companies in the home security industry. Some of the home security systems offered by the company include wireless cameras, glass break sensors, and other security features. They also offer a remote control that makes it easier for homeowners to disarm and arm their home while away. LifeShield Security offers free products and services like fire monitoring, equipment, and remote monitoring. This company claims to respond to emergencies fastest. Other benefits of this company include:

  • Remote access via smartphone or computer
  • No landline needed
  • Professional or DIY installation

Moni Smart Security is well-known in the home security industry for offering excellent equipment for both home automation and home security. The three equipment plans that homeowners can choose from are Basic, HomeTouch Premier, and HomeTouch. All of the plans have basic system components. However, the Home Touch and HomeTouch Premier also have extra features like text alerts, video cameras, and remote system control. Since there are multiple plans available, homeowners can choose the option that best suits their needs. Other benefits of Moni Smart Security include low upfront costs, multiple equipment packages, flexible moving options, and false alarm protection.


Just like many other home security companies, Moni Smart Security provides customers with free equipment and free installation. This keeps upfront costs very low and affordable for most families.

One unique aspect of Moni Smart Security is that they provide protection against false alarms. While false alarms aren’t common, they do happen. Moni Smart Security will cover the costs of two false alarms every year. Moni Smart Security will provide reimbursement of about $50 for every false alarm. The vast majority of home security companies don’t offer false alarm protection.

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