When it comes to a monitored security system, the goal is to find one that works for the homeowner who wants it. That can include the right level of monitoring, along with the proper costs per month, the best equipment for the job at hand, and good, reliable service. Sometimes it can be hard to get all of those things with a particular company, because each homeowner may be looking for something a little different. And monitoring companies aren’t always perfect — some of them have significant numbers of complaints based on a number of factors. Here, Moni Security is compared with Protect America.


Moni Security Offers a Number of Options to Consider

One company to consider when looking for a monitored security system is Moni. They offer services that work alone or with Nest and their line of smart thermostats and other home products. There is a smartphone app that can be used to control locks, lights, and other areas of the house, and the company also offers:

  • a valuable, core system
  • a plan and package that offers comprehensive coverage
  • professional installation
  • good service after the sale is complete

But like other companies, there are complaints about Moni Security. Some people simply aren’t happy with what they receive from the company, largely because it can be difficult to cancel a contract. Moni is accredited through Consumer Affairs, but the reviews on that site do indicate that contract issues and cancellations can be problematic. Not only can it be hard to cancel the contract, but it can also come with high fees that many people are not comfortable paying.

Consumers Appreciate the Value of Protect America

In comparison with Moni, Protect America is a company that is popular with a large number of consumers who want good quality, monitored security. Taking careful stock of what they need has helped homeowners who work with this company get a high level of value for their money. Protect America provides 24/7 monitoring, along with an easy cancellation policy for their contracts and reliable service. All of that is very important for homeowners who are interested in having security monitoring with a company they can trust and feel good about. Protect America delivers on the most important aspects of a security monitoring company.


So, Which Company is the Right One?

It’s very important to compare companies when choosing the right security company for a homeowner’s specific needs. That’s because not all monitoring companies are the same in price or what they offer.

In order to have the best experience with a security company, it’s important for a homeowner to do their research.

By ensuring that they have looked at all the issues, any homeowner who needs a security company can pick the one that’s really going to offer them the best value and give them the highest level of peace of mind.

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